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My name. My promise.

I am no corporate representative nor super model or celebrity, but just a regular young woman like many of you. You can call, text or write me. Personally.  I personally guarantee for the quality of my products.  This is my own cosmetics brand. Why did I start this? Let me tell you: I BELIEVE YOU KNOW BEST WHAT YOU WANT That is why my brand is all about YOU. All of my products are co-developed with users. And I‘d be more than happy to have you on my team of volunteer product developers as well. GET TO KNOW ME. NOT A COMPANY.I will not hide behind anonymous corporate walls or laboratories. I am an actual person and in charge of this.You can contact me directly and my team and me will answer as soon as possible. MY NAME. MY PROMISE.Products that carry my name hold the promise to live up to the highest expectations. My products are made exclusively in Austria, Germany and France.They are microbiologically and dermatologically tested and comply with GMP standards.