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ISO 14001 - What it Means..

IN HARMONY WITH THE ENVIRONMENT ISO 14001 - ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (EMS) Is a  systematic framework to manage the long term but also immediate impact on the environment, ISO 14001 is implemented at all DORIS WAGNER production facilities. KEY FACTS ON THE ISO 14001 CERTIFICATION Voluntary Audit-able environmental management system Framework for managing impacts prevention of pollution compliance with legislation continual improvement of the environmental management system External certification demonstrates conformance Version 2007 in force currently (until 2018)   'Be the change you want to see in the world  (Mahatma Gandhi) CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT WITH THE DEMING CYCLE When purchasing DORIS WAGNER products, you can be assured that our whole production process is aligned with the main goal of systematically minimizing adverse effects to the air, water and land. Sustainable and responsible business is at the heart of the ISO 14001 certification. Preventing pollution in balance with the socio-economic needs is the core target. To make sure that the future looks even brighter than the present, ISO 14001 certified organizations commit themselves to a continuous improvement process: the environmental management system is carried out with the help of a Deming cycle (PDCA-cycle): Plan - ISO 14001 guidelines Do - life cycle assessment Check - audits and evaluations Act - continuous improvement Comment below to let us know how important sustainable choices are for you!