NAVI affordable-luxury facial care is a simple routine to make you feel gorgeous and reach your goals faster. Designed for women like us, who live a busy and highly mobile life - balancing education, career, family, love life and friends. Get happy in pink & orange!

We make use of selected natural ingredients, cutting-edge scientific components and latest research findings. Customer co-creation is an integral part of NAVI‘s product development.

NAVI will navigate you towards:

  • Flawless, lighter complexion
  • Mattified skin with reduced pores
  • Deeply hydrated, velvety skin
  • Revitalized skin for early-wrinkle protection
‚One of the most stylish and cutting-edge brands worldwide‘
‚Navi: [ˈnaːvi] abbreviation of navigation system - a system to reach a certain target‘
                                                                            (Oxford German Dictionary)


Our mission:  To give everyone the chance to reach their skin care goals faster and at affordable cost while appreciating the beauty of nature.

Our Team

Based in the heart of Europe, Vienna, our cosmetics company is privately-owned and founder-led.

It is home to a passionate, young team that has embarked in 2015 on a journey to shape a skin care brand suitable for the needs of today and tomorrow.

We are tech-savvy, cosmetic aficionados with multiple ethnical backgrounds. ‚Cosmopolitan‘ is not just a magazine for us.  Supported by the best industry specialists in such diverse fields as pharma-cology, chemistry, quality control or industrial design, we are working ambitiously to serve our customers best.

We do everything with our core values of honesty and hard work. We walk the talk.