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Causes of Pimples and Blackheads - and how to deal with them

by Budimir Filipovic |

A clear sign of puberty is : pimples. But often it does not stay in the past - like a bad fashion choice of that time which can only be seen in photos, unfortunately pimples can tag along with you, your whole life. It is likely to come when you are feeling stressed, either at work or in social areas. In this post you will learn what you can do against these annoying companions and why they even appear.

Emergence of Pimples and Blackheads during Puberty

The pimples that come during puberty is because of the the increased production of male hormones, which in turn leads to an increased production of sebum. As a result, the skin becomes more dense on the surface than normal, which narrows the excretory ducts and the sebum can no longer be excreted optimally - it results in pimples.

Reasons for Getting Pimples

Hormones affect sebum production and this can lead to pimples, we know that now. But why do you still get pimples when you've left puberty behind?                  This is because the causes of pimples and blackheads can be very different, with some factors playing a role such as:

  • Stress

Stress hormones are the arch-enemy of any good skin. The problem with this is that we are usually exposed to a certain level of stress in our daily work. In itself, that's not so bad - as long as you treat yourself in return to sufficient rest and breaks. A good stress management leads to beautiful skin!

  • Micro Inflammation

Many studies have confirmed that pimples and acne are actually inflammatory diseases of the skin - they are caused by micro-inflammation of the skin. That is why proper care is especially important in the morning and in the evening! For example, daily cleansing with the gentle NAVI Pure Refreshing Cleansing Gel is not only suitable for normal but also for dry skin.

  • Nutrition, Smoking & Co

Sugar is not only bad for the figure, but also for the skin, but you probably already know that already. In addition, you should drink a lot of water throughout the day, because hydration is particularly important for the skin. But did you know that smoking also has a negative effect on the skin and promotes pimples? Smoking makes the skin age faster and inhibits cell renewal, which in turn means more pimples.

What to do Against Pimples? The Right Care

The worst thing you can do with pimples is just pressing it wildly. This usually ends with more pimples arising. We know that the temptation is there to do so, but it's worth resisting. Instead, you should try the following: A camomile bath - or even a facial steam bath, when the time is short - through the warm water, the pores open and can then be cleaned well. For the pimple - or other inflamed areas - is a zinc ointment excellent: namely, zinc has an anti-inflammatory and healing properties, just what you need for pimples.

To avoid pimples in advance, we recommend that you prevent them with proper care. Clean the face regularly, but also with the right creams, such as the NAVI Anti-Pollution Hydro-Day Cream to protect the skin from harmful substances in the air and harmful UV radiation.

Then you can really say goodbye to your pimples!

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