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Lunar New Year 2017

WELCOME TO THE YEAR OF THE FIRE-ROOSTER HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM THE ENTIRE DW TEAM Spring Festival is celebrated by over 2 billion people worldwide In China hundreds of millions of people travel to visit their family, businesses are often off for as long as 4 weeks It is also celebrated in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong & Macau It is common to exchange red envelopes with money and light up fireworks Fish, spring rolls, dumplings, Good Fortune Fruit (e.g. mandarins) and glutinous rice cakes are eaten for  better wealth Longevity Noodles are eaten for longevity, sweet rice balls for family togetherness ROOSTERS STAND FOR SELF-CONFIDENCE AND DILIGENCE. FIRE STANDS FOR ACTION & CREATION. Thus the Fire-Rooster year 2017 is generally recognized as a year, in which we have the chance to make the most of our potential and seize our real strenghts. With the opportunity to analyze and get rid of problems of the previous year, the Fire-Rooster year is also a year in which people who keep an overview can usually navigate well even in difficult situations. ‘Lunar New Year is a celebration observed by the majority of Asians living around the world - Thus it plays a vital role in the lives of many of our customers.’ To make the most of this Fire-Rooster year and let your Chi flow energetically: Act confidently and self-reliantly But try to avoid being egoistic and boisterous Belief in yourself and cultivate your strenghts Work hard and dilligently towards your goals Happy Lunar New Year to you and your families!