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Doris Wagner Cosmetics: Now Available in China

美麗的皮膚.  That means "beautiful skin" and Doris Wagner Cosmetics will be available in China from now on providing the means for a beautiful skin! Our products are now sold in China and we plan to stir up the cosmetic market with our presence. But China is not Europe - there are some things to keep in mind, from cultural habits to daily routine! Today we clarify some differences between China and Europe, tell you about the most interesting markets in China and where to find our products! Other Countries Other Etiquettes The 7,219 km distance from Germany is not only noticeable in the length of the flight, but also in the mentality of the people and by the traditions and customs in the country.   The Volume There is no such thing as disturbance in China - especially in the big cities there is a constant noise level both during the day and at night. In such situations, a calm bath, a NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream face mask and a glass of wine can help you to relax. Promise! Different Manners Also the behaviour in public is different than what one is used to in Europe. So slurping at the table in Chinese restaurants is explicitly encouraged (because that means the food tastes good), but blowing the nose at the table is frowned upon and when you're invited to dine with them, you should not eat everything that’s on the plate as that means the food given to you wasn’t enough - that in turn insults the host. Dirt in the Air China is notorious for smog, which even forces people to walk around with air masks. This smog not only damages the respiratory system but also has a negative impact on the skin! Our NAVI Anti-Pollution Hydro-Day Cream can also help with this: It protects the skin from UV radiation and from dirt particles in the air. German Products: A Very Popular Choice in China As a European company, it is not easy to sell its products in China. You have to expect some restrictions there - and it's a long process before you finally get permission to enter the Chinese market. We at Doris Wagner Cosmetics have now made it official and can provide our Chinese customers with our exclusive NAVI product line.  In Asia, German products are generally very popular - especially European cosmetics. In China, there are food scandals which happens quite often, which is why the quality associated with European, especially German products is an important factor. Quality and reliability are our principles - and that's exactly why we are going to revolutionize the cosmetic market in Asia! German NAVI Products - and Where to Find Them The Chinese market is a challenge - but we have carved a niche for our NAVI products. Our protective day care set, along with our regenerating night series are both represented on popular Chinese online platforms. For example, we find ourselves on Taobao - a huge online trade owned by Alibaba, or on one of the largest online sales platforms,, based in Beijing and also on Xiaohongshu - a social media platform. We are particularly proud of our presence in local drug-stores, especially Bodystyle, a drug store chain that is extremely popular in China's major cities. From now on you will receive our promise "My Promise" - not only in Europe, but also in China! 我 的 承諾!