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Successful E-commerce Listing in Germany

NOW AVAILABLE FOR YOU ON AMAZON GERMANY OUR NAVI PRODUCTS ARE NOW LISTED ON AMAZON’S SECOND LARGEST PLATFORM WORLDWIDE If you are based in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, you can now shop our products on With a revenue of above 10 billion USD is The largest online market place in AUSTRIA The second largest online retailer in SWITZERLAND and Accounts for about ¼ of the total e-commerce market of GERMANY. INCREASED TRUST FOR CAUTIOUS BUYERS AMAZON is the best known platform for e-buyers with an easy-to-grasp interface. Moreover, AMAZON checks all merchants before allowing them access to Amazon Seller Services. ‘The AMAZON listing is an essential step towards increasing consumer trust and brand visibility.’ As for cosmetics, where product piracy is a common problem, sales are even restricted. Only after prior approval and verifying several documents, sales are allowed by AMAZON. This is to make sure that: The identity of the seller is verified The products are new Hold up to EU quality regulations and There is no falsifications. Find our products in AMAZON BEAUTY of by following this link! We are looking forward to your purchases, Q&As and reviews.