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Healthy Skin through Magnesium

by Verena Prantl |

Magnesium is a particularly popular dietary supplement, which can already be found in the form of tablets across the counter. But what exactly is magnesium good for? We know that it’s a mineral . But what does it do in our body? Does it even have any positive effects on our skin health? What happens if you get a magnesium deficiency? We have clarified these questions for you.

Magnesium is a Mineral: This is How it Affects the Skin

If the body gets enough magnesium, it can help to prevent or alleviate inflammatory skin diseases. This means that magnesium is also an excellent preventive measure for impurities prone skin. But magnesium can do a lot more:

  •  Tight Skin

Although magnesium can not prevent the natural ageing process of the skin, it can actually slow it down. The antioxidant action of magnesium protects our skin from free radicals that would otherwise promote skin ageing and wrinkling.

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  • Effective Against Pimples

Especially with pimples or acne, the anti-inflammatory effect of magnesium is used. It helps to eliminate red, inflamed sebaceous glands.

Our Tip: For sensitive skin, we recommend our NAVI Pure Refreshing Cleansing Gel, which gently cleanses the skin and protects against irritation, pimples and blackheads.

  • Radiant Complexion

The cosmetics that contains magnesium, can provide a smoother complexion. It is mainly used for dry and sensitive skin.

  • Stress

Not only does magnesium have a direct effect on the skin, it also improves the appearance of the skin by simply inhibiting the release of stress hormones when they are no longer needed. It also promotes the production of serotonin, the happiness hormone. If you want to know more about how stress affects our skin, check out our blog!

  • For Good Sleep

For a good night's sleep the body needs a certain hormone - melatonin. To be able to produce this, our body needs serotonin again, because the happiness hormone forms the basis from which melatonin is subsequently produced. As magnesium promotes serotonin production, it also supports the formation of melatonin and thus ensures a healthy sleep. 

Our Tip: A good night's sleep is especially important for the skin. With our NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream effective against wrinkles, the skin is hydrated during the night and provides elastic and firm skin.

 No Magnesium without Potassium and Calcium

Many minerals, as well as magnesium, is involved in the processes of metabolism and nervous system and ensures smooth process. Here, a functioning interaction of the individual substances is essential. A special role is played by the minerals potassium and calcium.

Magnesium can only be properly absorbed in the body if enough calcium is present. However, this also works the other way round, because magnesium regulates the absorption of calcium into our cells, almost like a doorman.

Potassium is the mineral that is indispensable for our energy metabolism. In addition, potassium is needed to maintain cardiac and muscle functions, and it corresponds directly to our magnesium consumption.

What happens during Magnesium Deficiency?

A magnesium deficiency can have different consequences, such as calf cramps, nausea, inner restlessness, nervousness or fatigue.

In addition to these physical complaints, also various skin problems can arise, such as acne, eczema, atopic dermatitis or psoriasis. However, an self medication of magnesium is not recommended, and instead it is recommended to visit your a doctor or dermatologist and taking the prescribed treatment.

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