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So Healthy is Cabbage - Even for the Skin!

by Verena Prantl |

Some cannot get enough of it, while others can not stand the smell - it should be a true all-rounder. Help yourself with only one product: the cabbage!

Today we spare your time from googling on many number of sites for suggesting a healthy dinner, call it a weight loss & detox tip and helping you in maintaining a well-groomed skin and intestinal barrier. Even ancient civilizations used cabbage to stay healthy.

On the occasion of the America’s "Day of Cabbage Juice" we take a closer look at this green vegetable.

What is Good Inside the Cabbage?

On the one hand, cabbage has a high content of fiber, which keeps us alive for longer, while protecting against intestinal diseases, on the other hand, cabbage contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium and also includes the trace elements phosphorus, iron and manganese, which occurs in a significant amount. Particularly healthy, especially for our intestines, is cabbage juice, which actually fights against stomach ulcers.

  • Acts Against Inflammation

The ingredients in cabbage have a very special function: it activates our defenses, strengthens the immune system and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. This effect occurs both internally and externally applied.

  • Promotes Wound Healing

Especially with badly healing wounds, as is often the case with people with diabetes, cabbage wraps can help. The healing effects of cabbage should also help with pain.

  • Detoxification of the Body

Cabbage has a blood-purifying property that helps our body filter toxins out of the body.

Cabbage Juice Helps with Weight Loss

As Kohl (cabbage) uses its dietary fiber for a long time, but has hardly any calories, this naturally makes it the number one vegetable on anyone’s diet.

Cabbage Helps in having A Beautiful Skin

So that means you can lose weight while doing something good for your body and skin? Exactly! All the above mentioned health factors does not only has a positive effect on our internal organs, but also on our skin. The antioxidants contained in the cabbage ensures that free radicals, which are bad for our skin, are limited.

This improves the body's response to ageing processes - because free radicals are the main cause of wrinkles or age spots. But to avoid wrinkles you should also take enough liquids, because the skin needs enough moisture to stay firm and firm for a long time.

In order to optimally support the moisture balance of your skin, we recommend our effective NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream - so you can easily and simply "sleep well".

Kohl not only binds free radicals, but also supports our skin in the fight against acne. Particularly effective are masks made of cabbage.

Facial Mask with Cabbage - Miracle Product for the Skin

A Kohlmask can do a lot more than you might think. It helps against wrinkles, age spots and various skin diseases.

Vitamin C, for example, has a rejuvenating and healing effect on our skin, Vitamin K is anti-inflammatory and potassium provides moisture, just to name a few. That's why Kohl can also help our skin stay healthy, firm and spotless.

In order to protect the skin during the day from other dangers such as UV light or air pollution, you should definitely use our moisturizing NAVI Anti-Pollution Hydro-Day Cream. This guarantees your skin 24 hours of care and protection.

Our Tip: For a simple cabbage mask: Just mix a little cabbage juice with honey and yeast in equal parts, add another 2 tbsp of apple juice and voila, a quick self-mixed face mask is ready. 

If you'd like to discover even more exciting secrets about beautiful, healthy skin, check out our Skin Care Secrets blog. There you will learn something new and exciting about your skin every week.

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