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Healthy Egoism: How it Changes Your Life

Selfishness is a word that contains a very negative connotation. Statements like - 'selfishness is bad, egoists do not like anyone'. But that's not true: a healthy dose of selfishness is good for you, as it can even change your life! We'll show you how you can develop "healthy egoism" for yourself and how it affects your life. Develop a Healthy Egoism: 1) Know Your Value  - How often do we do things for the sake of others? Or cannot say "no", even though it would be the right answer? Of course - that is not bad either. But if we keep our lives looking out for others, forgetting to look after ourselves, then we are in a downward spiral. That is why it is especially important to recognize your own value. Realizing that your own value is something no one can take from you and that we should always be aware about it. 2) Self-Praise causes True Miracles - In order to always consciously raise one's self-esteem, a simple trick helps: self-praise. You can praise yourself every day for things you are proud of. This not only gives us a positive feeling and positive thoughts, but also increases our self-confidence. 3) Take Time Only for Yourself - An important step for a healthy self-esteem and for the development of a healthy selfishness is to get to know yourself. You should not underestimate the time you have for yourself that you can spend alone with yourself. You can take a few minutes each day, perhaps with the relaxing face mask from NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream, and a soothing bath. So Healthy Egoism Changes Life Higher Self-Esteem and Self-Esteem - When one becomes aware that one is someone special and does not always have to be available to everyone because one's own time is valuable, self-esteem automatically increase as well. This also means that one is seen differently by people - a healthy self-esteem is a wonderful character trait. You Live Healthier - From the moment you realize that you have earned the good in your life and that you are special, your love for your body comes automatically. You love yourself and your body so much that you automatically eat something healthier. You would not serve fast food to your kids every day, would you? With other people you love, you always want the best for them - but sometimes it just does not work for you. But with a healthy dose of selfishness you can put yourself and your body first - because you deserve a healthy life. Self-Love as a Basis for Charity - It may not surprise anyone - but you can only give as much as you own. And if you do not take time for yourself or love yourself enough, then you cannot give that love to others. Therefore one should never forget one thing: to love oneself. With a healthy egoism you automatically develop one too! We at Doris Wagner Cosmetics also love us - and our NAVI product range. Healthy selfishness also means being pampered from time to time: And that works well during the day when we're at work: with our NAVI Anti-Pollution Hydro-Day Cream. So that your skin can be a bit selfish - and get what it deserves, namely rounded care and only the best ingredients for you and your skin.