NAVI Pore-Refining Hydro-Emulsion 100 ml

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A second-skin-like texture to purify and mattify the skin. The Pore Refining Hydro Emulsion is an ultra-light fluid that sinks instantly into the skin to help reduce number and size...
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A second-skin-like texture to purify and mattify the skin.

The Pore Refining Hydro Emulsion is an ultra-light fluid that sinks instantly into the skin to help reduce number and size of pores, without drying the skin; on the contrary, it moisturizes the skin making it supple.

With continuous daily use, it contributes to:

1. Purify and mattify the skin

2. Intensely hydrate the skin and protect it from free radicals

3. Visible lightening and whitening of the overall skin tone

4. Reduce sebum production in order to prevent acne

5. A feeling of smoother and refined skin texture

Formulated with a new ingredient extracted from extremely rare, alpine fomes officinalis mushroom, well-known for its pore refining, astringent and moisturizing action.

A unique combination of root of male fern, Iceland moss and peat extract supplies your skin with ultimate moisture. The most praised beautifying oil of all, macademia oil, helps to recapture the skin of childhood and hydrates dry and rough skin.

The Pore Refining Hydro Emulsion is the last step of the NAVI Whitening program, which helps to reveal a complexion that looks brighter, fairer, more even and more translucent.

Day after day, helps your skin to reveal its natural beauty. 



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    Key Benefits

    Reduce the size & number of your pores
    The FOMES OFFICINALS is a mushroom that grows on larch trees, native to much of the cooler temperate northern hemisphere. To protect itself from the cold, this precious fellow is capable of reducing the size of his pores. An effect that is harnessed in PoreReductyl®, a pore-refiner for oily and mixed skins. Significantly tighten and reduce the size & number of your pores!
    Evens out complexion
    This is a lipid-soluble form of Linoleic Acid (found e.g. in Grape Seed Oil). It reduces sebum production and is thus clinically proven to be effective against acne. Moreover, it lightens skin to combat pigmentation errors and evens out complexion for healthy, glowing skin. It's anti-inflammatory properties make it a super-mild active ingredient.
    Rejuvenates the skin by roughly 20 years
    A unique triple-moisturizing active ingredient, Hydractin® is sourced from ICELAND MOSS, MALE FERN ROOT and PEAT. Its scientifically proven effects are breath-taking: it rehydrates and shields the skin, rejuvenates the skin by roughly 20 years in 4 weeks (Firmness, Elasticity and Roughness) and supplies and retains water.
    Fades blemishes, reduces pigmentation and prevents stretch marks
    PEG-40 HYDROGENATED CASTOR OIL also known as Ricinus Oil is the oil of the Castor bean. It is named after the Latin word for beaver ('castor'), because it replaced a similar smelling perfume base which was originally made with beaver glands. Despite its known application as laxative, Castor Oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It is therefore beneficial for acne-prone skin, but also moisturizes dry skin. Interstingly it is also capable of fading blemishes, reducing pigmentation and preventing stretch marks.
    Moisturizes your skin
    MACADAMIA TERNIFOLIA SEED OIL is the nutoil of the Macadamia tree, a native of Australia, and is rich in Essential Fatty Acids. This lightweight oil can restore your skin's barrier function thus acting as a moisturizer (preventing water loss). Additionally it can soften and regenerate skin. It sinks in very quickly, is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.
    Gives your skin a more youthful look with less wrinkles
    UREA is a natural component of our skin’s tissues and makes up 7% of our Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). It does not only hydrate the skin, but siginificantly improves it's ability to bind water and is therefore a very sustainable humectant. Your skin will appear more hydrated, therefore youthful and with less wrinkles and a luminous glow.
    Boosts your skin cell renewal
    Yes, it might sound kind of gross, but COLOSTRUM is actually the first milk produced by mammals either in late pregnancy or shortly after giving birth. So why put that into skin care? Cosmetic industry is using bovine Colostrum as new holy grail of anti-aging: Rich in nutirents such as Proteins, Vitamine A and Sodium Chloride as well as growth factors and antibodies it does have miracle effects on skin. Colostrum makes your skin smoother and firmer, heal more quickly and boost cell renewal.
    Makes your skin healthier
    Often derived from vegetable oils, GLYCERIN maintains the water balance of your skin and thus acts as a humectant. It can also help with wound healing or serious conditions such as Psoriasis. It helps your skin look healthier and more attractive and makes it soft and supple.
    Amazing scent
    As most of our NAVI day care products, the NAVI Pore-Refining Hydro-Emulsion is perfected with a gentle, yet feminine cherryblossom scent. Enjoy understated elegeance!

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