NAVI Ultra-Whitening Serum 15 ml Roll-On with 30% Vitamin C

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The secret of a flawless lighter skin: olive leaf extract, Zinc and Vitamin C. Its innovative formula makes it great even for sensitive and acne-prone skin. As a matter of...
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The secret of a flawless lighter skin: olive leaf extract, Zinc and Vitamin C. Its innovative formula makes it great even for sensitive and acne-prone skin. As a matter of fact it's 100% safe even during pregnancy. Do not wait, make it a part of your beauty routine now!


Before and after

The Ultra Whitening Serum is a roll-on dark spot remover that drastically eliminates age spots*, fosters de-pigmentation and blocks re-pigmentation.**

It is formulated with the new super-strong whitening Illumiscin® Complex made of olive leaf extract, Zinc and vitamin C that reduces total area of age spots 14.2% in just 2 weeks. Rich in glycerin, the serum helps to preserve the moisture and the natural balance of the skin for a radiant complexion and a fresh feeling.

The active ingredient also prevents the formation of age spots in a unique way:

Age and sun are the main factors initiating the formation of age spots. Associated with this is the development of the sun-induced pigment Melanin and the age-related waste pigment Lipofuscin. ILLUMISCIN® protects your skin by preventing the formation of both pigments and is thus highly effective against age spots:

Prevents age spots and sun spots

With continuous daily use, it helps to:

1. Even out the skin tone and complexion

2. Prevent the formation of age spots

3. Lighten and whiten the overall skin tone

4. Reveal breakthrough clarity and a radiant skin

Ingredients and application

The Ultra Whitening Serum has a special roll-on applicator that makes the application easy and precise.

Refine and brighten the skin tone and light-up the darker areas of your face!

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*Reduction of total area of age spots by 14.2% after only 2 weeks

**Results proved on the main ingredient (in-vivo study)




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    Key benefits

    Highly effective
    The super-powerful combination of Olive-leaf extract, Zinc & Vitamin C reduces the total area of age spots and dark spots by 14,2% in only 2 weeks.

    Oleuropein, contained in OLEA EUROPEA (OLIVE) LEAF EXTRACT, actively protects against the development of age spots. It does so by preventing the formation of the ageing pigment Lipofuscin. It is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and packed with Antioxidants that also ward off signs of ageing. Additionally, ZINC supports the skin lightening effect of the other active ingredients.
    Prevents moisture loss
    As excellent emollient, coconut oil derivatives can replenish your skins surface and prevent moisture loss. Additionally, they help you to combat skin impurities thanks to its strong activity against Propionibacterium acnes.
    Makes skin healthier
    Often derived from vegetable oils, GLYCERIN maintains the water balance of your skin and thus acts as a humectant. It can also help with wound healing or serious conditions such as Psoriasis. It helps your skin look healthier and more attractive and makes it soft and supple.
    Softens your skin & smooths its texture
    A mixture of Sucrose - naturally found in sugar cane or sugar beets - and Stearic Acid, SUCROSE STEARATE acts as skin-conditioning agent, emollient and surfactant. What does this mean? It softens your skin, smooths its texture and makes the product feel more soothing.
    Amazing scent
    As most of our NAVI day care products, the NAVI Ultra-Whitening Serum is perfected with a gentle, yet feminine cherryblossom scent. Enjoy understated elegeance!

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