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A - like Aloe Vera

by Verena Prantl |  | 2 comments

Aloe Vera is a plant that everyone has heard of before. Many skincare products advertise using this desert plant for its healing properties.

Aloe Vera has been used for beautification purposes for thousands of years.

But what exactly can Aloe Vera do for your skin? What is it good for and what’s the best way can we use it?

Doris Wagner Cosmetics Cosmetics is also convinced with the effects of this plant, after all it is part of the NAVI Anti-Pollution Hydro-Day Cream - Why is that, is something you will now learn.

History and Origin:

Aloe Vera is a desert plant that was used as incense for its unique smell in the second century BC, especially in India and Babylonia. Even the Romans and Greeks did not disdain the fragrant, dark brown wood - and already in ancient times Aloe Vera was already part of fine ointments.

Much later, only during the time of the Crusades, did the plant find its way to Europe, through the Arabs. In the Middle Ages, it was bred in the monasteries, because at that time only they knew about their healing effects. Previously, the bitter juice of the Aloe Vera plant was even used as a hop substitute in the brewery. Finally, at the beginning of the 19th century, it was discovered that the healing properties of Aloe Vera also worked well against burns.

Today, Aloe Vera is grown mainly in tropical or subtropical areas, such as the US, Mexico, Africa, Spain and India.

Aloe Vera as a Painkiller and Immune booster:

Not only can burns be healed faster by using Aloe Vera, but different kinds of pain can relieved with the usage of Aloe Vera. Especially if you suffer from joint pains, Aloe Vera can contribute towards its improvement. However, one should be aware that Aloe Vera can never replace a doctor's visit!

However, what Aloe Vera can do is - help getting your battered immune system back on track. The fact is that it has a restoring effect on the body’s metabolism, the body's immune cells are stimulated and strengthened in this process. In addition to this, Aloe Vera provides essential vitamins and other nutrients that are important for a healthy complexion.

Care with Aloe Vera: Great for the skin and helps against clogged pores!

Aloe Vera is one of the most popular ingredients when it comes to skin care products. This is because, in addition to its healing properties, Aloe Vera also promotes the exchange of skin cells and can therefore reduce acne scars. Apart from that, Aloe Vera contains a lot of Vitamin A and C, which helps in skin regeneration and at the same time protects it from possible damage.

Aloe Vera is particularly beneficial for people who tend have clogged pores - the bitter juice of the plant contains Salicylic acid, which helps in cleansing the pores and gets rid of its blackheads.

Aloe Vera - Promotes Regeneration..

Aloe Vera is a plant that is not only used in the cosmetics field, but also in sports. Especially when you over-exert yourself during sports, the Aloe Vera plant can help the body to regenerate faster and thus to shorten the required recovery time that the body needs.

Uses of Aloe Vera..

Aloe Vera is mostly available in the form of creams intended for external use. The plant thus helps against redness, skin irritation, impurities, supports the skin during regeneration, moisturizes and it also has a firming effect. There is the Aloe Vera in plant form but also as a juice to drink, which is particularly well suited as a mucous protection and is mainly used for bacterial infections or in the case of immune deficiency.

 Because of these unique properties, Aloe Vera is also a part of the light and NAVI Anti-Pollution Hydro-Day Cream from Doris Wagner Cosmetics.

Just try it out and to believe it yourself!

Comments (2)

  • Ida on October 30, 2018

    Ich verwende einige Pflegeprodukte mit Aloe Vera. Dass es aber auch wirklich gegen Schmerzen helfen kann, habe ich nicht gewusst.

  • Karin T. on October 17, 2018

    Habe mich bisher noch nie richtig informiert, was Aloe Vera wirklich kann und wie es wirkt, obwohl ich sehr oft Produkte sehe, die es enthalten. Danke für den Beitrag, jetzt habe ich mal einen Überblick.

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