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L - like lipochroman®

by Verena Prantl |


The word "lipochroman®" is not necessarily known to everyone. It is a patented ingredient of the Spanish commodity giant Lipotec. The result is a synthetic analog of vitamin E, but more than 20 times in antioxidant. This wonderful, ineffable fabric represents a fabulous protection for the skin. Especially when you are still under stress at work and have to make tons of decisions daily. Above all, urban stimuli incessantly affects our skin - and can harm it. That is why you should protect your skin. How do you ask? With llipochroman®!

Lipochroman® Against Premature Ageing of the Skin

We all know it - the little wrinkles that just doesn't want to leave. But if you start to do something early enough, premature ageing will not stand a chance! Especially with oxidative stress shows lipochroman® its antioxidant activity, which is even greater than that of, for example, vitamin E or ferulic acid.

What oxidative stress means? Well, a cell usually has the ability to neutralize reducing or oxidizing substances (free radicals) by simply balancing the two substances. If it cannot do that anymore, the cell will be overwhelmed with normal repair and detoxification, and damage to macromolecules may occur, leading to premature ageing. Lipochroman® helps stop this, by its antioxidant effect, it helps in maintaining such an equilibrium that it does not even lead to skin ageing.

Active Protection against the Stress of living in a City

Living in the city can have many benefits - from a variety of jobs to a well-developed transportation network. For these and many other reasons, more and more young people are moving to the city because they see better prospects for their future there. For the skin, however, such a decision does not only bring good things - the city air contains much more particulate matter and toxins than fresh country air. If there is an additional dose of stress, then the chaos is perfect - and the skin no longer plays with it. That is why it is important to protect the skin against overstimulation, preferably with lipochroman®. This builds a healthy protective coat around the skin, but at the same time helps it to get enough air and ensures that the skin can absorb all the nutrients and vitamins it needs.

Sunscreen 2.0 with Lipochroman®

We have to protect ourselves with sunscreen in the summer, has been taught to us from our parents since our childhood. Sunburn can be dangerous - severe pigmentation, skin ageing and even cancer can be the result. But you should also use sunscreen cream in the fall months and even in winter - because even then, the UV exposure is high enough to harm our skin. However, many sunscreen creams are too fatty to cause pimples - and they also inhibit vitamin D formation, a substance that is a deficiency in many of us in Central Europe. But what is the alternative? A cream with lipochroman® for daily use.

The NAVI Anti-Pollution Hydro-Day Cream combines all the positive effects of lipochroman® and provides your skin with continuous moisture - and without fat.

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