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Get Rid of Age Spots and Dark Spots Efffectively

by Doris Wagner |

Age spots and dark spots severely impact how people perceive your age. The following tips will help you to erase them and reveal the healthy and younger looking skin you deserve!


We are often busy with university, work, our relationships, our friends and trying to juggle our parents and our own expectations of ourselves.

Welcome to ‘generation rush-hour’! No wonder our first grey hairs often show up between 20 and 30 years of age. But age spots? Isn’t that for grandmothers? Yes and NO!

While the majority of age spots show up in the second half of our life span, dark spots can show up a lot earlier as well. They can be the effect of prior acne episodes or simply too much sun exposure. Don’t ignore this problem! Moreover: don’t think there is nothing you can do about it!

Studies show that uneven skin tone can significantly impact the perceived age people attribute to you. And you don’t want to be mistaken as your date’s elder sister, do you?

 ‘While most of us are affected by dark spots or age spots at some point in our lives, we shouldn’t sit back and accept them. There ARE things we can do against them proactively.’


  • Avoid extended periods of direct sunlight
  • Use sunblock with high SPF or UV filter content when in direct sunlight (even in winter!)
  • Wear sun hats or use umbrellas in summer
  • Make it a habit of using natural skin lighteners in your skin care routine:
    • Aloe vera
    • Honey
    • Fruit acids (lemon, orange…)
    • Cucumber juice
    • Yogurt
    • Avoid all aggressive bleaching products like hydroquinone
    • Seek products that have active ingredients like Vitamin C, Ethyl Linoleate, Niacinamide or Olive Leaf Extract
    • For severe cases: consider cryotheraphy (low temperature) or medical laser removal after consulting your doctor.
    • To play it safe: consult a dermatologist to avoid a mix-up with malignant melanoma

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