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The Best Winter Skin Care

by Doris Wagner |


 Enjoy the cold weather without any skin regrets!

The end of year celebrations are coming closer at a quick pace: gifts to be purchased for loved ones, winter clothes to be shopped and reports to be submitted at work.

Super cold temperatures outdoors, super-dry heated indoors. Along with all those friends that ‘we have to meet before the year ends ’! Do not forget about using the right skin care in all this hustle and bustle!

‘Dry heating temperature can be a serious health threat - not only to our noses and throats, but also to our skin.’



Winter time – Dry Skin Time:

  • At temperatures below 8°C our skin stops sebum production

  • Temperature differences between outdoors and indoors puts an extra stress on our skin

  • Exposed skin areas such as face, hands and lips tend to dry out quickly

Easy Winter Beauty Tips:

  • Equip all rooms where you spend a lot of time in, with humidifiers

  • Avoid toners containing alcohol during this time, as they dry out skin even more

  • Prefer using  water-in-oil creams over oil-in-water creams now (usually ‘night’ creams)

  • Reduce the usage of Peeling Masks (especially clay masks as it dries out your skin)

  • Use a lip balm that contains beeswax or palm wax or jojoba oil and don’t lick your lips too often

  • Watch out for these winter-friendly ingredients:

    • Non-clogging oils

      • Avocado oil / Primrose oil / Almond oil / Jojoba oil

  • Humectants (Helps the skin stay Moist)

    • Glycerine / Sorbitol / Alpha-Hydroxy Acids

  • Moisturizers that contain...

    • Lavender / Chamomile / Jojoba

    Winter Lifestyle Tips:

    • When bathing or showering don’t use hot water but rather lukewarm water (32°- 35°C)

    • Drink more Liquids: plenty of water, herbal teas or fruit juices mixed with water

    • Make sure to eat a balanced diet – rich in vitamins and minerals

    • Get enough sleep (6-8 hours daily)

    • Avoid smoking

    • Minimize Alcohol Consumption (before/after those Christmas & New Year’s parties…)

    For the cold seasons we recommend you to use a rich night cream along with a day cream.
    Try our  NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream ! That's rich with moisturizing ingredients which will help your skin stay hydrated and healthy even in winter!


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