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Activated Charcoal - Beauty trend 2017

Have you notized the craze about everything black in cosmetics recently? Whether as black mask, as black powder straight from the pharmacy or even as teeth whitening powder. Activated charcoal! We have taken a closer look at this beauty phenomenon and clear up what activated charcoal actually is, how it is produced and how it impacts beauty and wellbeing.


Activated charcoal: This is what it is made of and how it is produced

As its name suggest, activated charcoal consists mainly of carbon. Carbon has a rather porpus structure, comparable with a natural sponge. Its most important characteristic for the beauty industry is its power to absorb. Basically it means, carbon can actively bind substances to its surface and keep them there. Since we now know more about the superpower of activated charcoal, let's ask ourselves: How is it produced? Actually, there are various ways to produce charcoal and the origin could be either plant origins, animal origins or even mineral origins. In most cases activated charcoal is made of timber, peat or coconut husk or even of hard coal. Nevertheless, it pays of to give a second glance at the ingredients list on the packaging to make sure that one has a 'vegan' variant to try in order to avoid any unwanted surprises. 


Active charcoal in healthcare

2017 saw sort of a renaissance (revival) of active charcoal. Because it is actually a longstanding remedy even the ancient Romand and Greeks know about. Even today you can purchase active charcoal in the pharmacy. Its superpower of absorption is very important in healthcare. Toxins, chemicals and other adverse substances for the body can be bound. 

Actice charcoal helps with:

  • gastrointestinalconditions
  • digestive problems
  • as supportive medication against intoxication



A miracle cure for beauty?

The striking pure black color of activated charcoal is of course a great eye-catcher for the beauty industry. It is supposed to make teeth whiter, minimize skin pores and clean hair of unwanted pollutants. We do agree activated charcoal has healing properties. Nevertheless, some activated charcoal beauty products should be handled with care. For example a toothpaste containing activated charcoal in order to whiten teeth: it does whiten unwanted pigmentations, but is also very agresive to the teeth themselves. Used for a prolonged period, it is actually doing more harm than good: the fine particles of activated charcoal function similarily to sandpaper. In the long run, this can lead to serious teeth conditions. It's also advisable to take care when using activated charcoal for the skin. These products can only be recommended for oily skin. The activated charcoal is then cleaning the skin and improving the skin relief. When applied on dry skin however, it can have an adverse effect and dry out your skin even more.

The real wow-effect of activated charcoal comes from its striking black color which is unlike all other beauty products in this oh-so-white-industry. But beside all positive aspects of activated charcoal, one should really check out whether this trend is suitable for ones own skin type. We believe this beauty trend of 2017 should definitely be handled with care.

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