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Detox in Winter: Fabulous treatment for your Skin

by Verena Prantl |

The so-called detox cures, are especially popular in winter. It not only give us a completely new body sensation, but it also makes one or the other unwelcome kilos disappear on the scales - perfect for the coming summer.

However, why we recommend a detox cure, especially in the winter, is because of the following: Our body is exposed to innumerable pollutants and toxins every day, which it has to fight somehow. Especially in during winter time, a season in which we tend to move less than in the summer and shorty then the Christmas biscuits are on the menu.  During this season you may be feeling lethargic or dull or even inactive. With additional work-related stress and lack of sleep may tend to cause our body to acidify, so to speak, and this in turn affects our skin. That is why a detox cure is a true miracle cure in winter- for the body and therefore also for the skin!

Detox: Detoxification for the Body

Basically, our diet should have more alkaline foods than acidic foods. Basic foods include, for example, cauliflower, apples and tomatoes, while acidic foods are mainly animal products such as dairy products, processed foods, as well as alcohol and caffeinated beverages.

Let's be honest - the sour foods already have their appeal. Just because we sometimes can not stand the temptation of sour foods, detox cures are so important: you can see them as a kind of cleaning in which our body flushes out everything that is bad for it and after which it is back in balance. But do not worry - that does not mean that there is now only water to drink for a week and maybe an occasional apple to eat - now there are a variety of detox cures that do little with the notorious "fasting" do have. Basically, you do not use bad acid-forming foods during such a cure and instead resort to basic energy sources.

Our Tip: Lack of sleep is one of the main reasons for an unwanted acidification of the body! Especially at night while we sleep, many toxins in the body are neutralized. That's why adequate sleep is especially important. For this we recommend our NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream, which ensures a good night's sleep with its sleep-inducing scent - and casts off one or the other wrinkles away!

Effects on the Skin

But how exactly does Detox affect our skin? Doing a proper detox cure involves consuming a lot of fruit and vegetables, a lots of water and also doing physical activities. The water gives our skin moisture from inside and provides more elasticity. The healthy diet also has a direct effect on our skin: pimples and blackheads are less, even redness disappears. Ideally you should cleanse the face regularly during the detox cure and, if necessary, but not often exfoliate once a week.

Our Tip: The gentle NAVI Pure Refreshing Cleansing Gel by Doris Wagner Cosmetics is best suited for daily cleaning. Just try it out yourself!

Yoga for Good Complexion

Since exercises and sports is also part of a detoxification cure, but in winter it is often uncomfortably cold outside, we recommend yoga. You can do that conveniently in your living room - and all you need is a yoga mat. In combination with a balanced, healthy diet, yoga helps to make our skin shine again. One reason for this is the focus on breathing that you should always have during yoga exercises. The more consciously we breathe, the more our metabolism is stimulated - and the better the harmful substances in our body is broken down. In addition, yoga is perfect for just relaxing after a long day and reducing stress. This aspect alone also has a positive effect on our skin.

With the constant practice of Yoga, you can visibly improvements in your complexion. If you still have stubborn dark circles that do not want to disappear despite 7 hours of resting sleep, then try out our NAVI Ultra-Whitening Serum - the results are impressive!


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