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Yoga - Does Wonders for Your Skin and Soul

by Verena Prantl |

There is a reason why practicing Yoga is becoming a trend all over the world. More and more people have started raving about the positive effects of these exercises. Above all, it is good for getting the necessary balance between work, family and leisure.

The focus on overall well being of the soul and physical fitness must, and it should not be neglected despite stress you might be dealing with. But yoga does not only do something good for our body and soul, but also does wonders for our skin! With regular practice of yoga you can improve your complexion and even counteract wrinkles! Wondering how this works?  We explain it right here.

Yoga as a cure for Diseases:

Of course, yoga can not just wipe away illnesses - however, yoga can be seen as a therapeutic support in addition to a medical treatment. And as such, yoga can indeed do wonders and provide clear alleviation of certain clinical pictures.

Yoga also works well against the following conditions:

  •      High blood pressure

Certain yoga exercises definitely affect our autonomic nervous system and our blood pressure. The right breathing exercises improves the cardiovascular system and the blood circulation of the internal organs at the same time. After 4 weeks of regular training first improvements can be found.

Our Tip: If you start using our NAVI Ultra-Whitening Serum at the same time as you start the yoga exercises, you will not only have lower blood pressure after the said 4 weeks, but also no dark circles and dark spots!

  •      Headache

Above all, Yoga also contains soothing elements that are supposed to relax the mind as well as the body. Especially when suffering from chronic headaches, exercises that relieve tension in the neck can work wonders.

  •      Back Problems

Yoga not only counteracts back problems, but it is also effective in maintaining a good musculoskeletal system. It is supported by regular exercise articulated and permanently over stressed regions, such as the lumbar spine, are supported. A positive aspect of this is that in yoga ligaments and joints are not overstretched, but their elasticity is gently promoted, so that slowly but steadily improvements occur.

Yoga as a fountain of youth: how does it work?

In addition to a healthy diet, yoga can help you to have beautiful skin without many wrinkles. Why yoga has so many positive aspects of our skin is because one should pay attention to one thing during yoga exercises: the breathing. This is very important during the exercises. Take a deep breath, hold your breath, breathe deeply. The greater the oxygen supply, the better the degradation of pollutants in our body and the better our skin will look!

Our Tip: In order not to let so many harmful substances onto our skin, we recommend the NAVI Anti-Pollution Hydro-Day by Doris Wagner Cosmetics. It protects against premature skin ageing and negative UV radiation, while promoting the vitamin D formation in the skin!

In addition to breathing, the focus is also on conscious relaxation: we unconsciously stretch our faces throughout the day, which in turn leads to increased wrinkles. That is why it is so important to release the tension, to specifically relax your muscles, to strengthen them, and in this way, completely naturally we can to counteract wrinkles.

If you want continue to support this effect, then you should definitely resort to our effective NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream. Consisting of 8 different plant extracts, it helps your skin to recover from the stress of the day and make one or the other resulting wrinkles disappear.

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