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Chocolate: Is Better for the Skin than You May Know

by Verena Prantl |

Insider tip for the Skin: Chocolate for Breakfast

You get bad skin from it - is what we usually hear! Chocolate simply cannot shake off this reputation. And that's why the Christmas holidays is a test of our self-restraint. Especially during Advent, the range of sweets can not be beaten - and chocolate is everywhere. How you can sweeten the Advent season with the right chocolate and why it can also have a positive effect on your skin, is something we tell you today!

Dark Chocolate - Is Good for your Health

What makes chocolate healthy now? It is the cocoa content. And that's exactly why we have to make an important distinction when we talk about "healthy chocolate" - because only the bitter or dark chocolate, in moderation enjoyed, actually health-promoting. And that's what makes the high proportion of cocoa - and the relatively low sugar content. Those who eat a piece of dark chocolate regularly reduce their risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. In addition, bitter chocolate can also lower blood sugar levels - and thus also provide support in protecting you against heart disease.

The bitter chocolate owes these positive aspects to the secondary phytochemicals contained in cocoa, the flavanols. They are among the strongest antioxidants that improve the defense of our body.

Lesser Stress and lesser use of Sunscreen with Dark Chocolate

Stress - which not only has a negative effect on our mind, but also on our skin: It causes us to age prematurely and can lead to unwanted pimples and blemishes. But, how does dark chocolate counteract this? Cocoa reduces stress - which is due to the flavonoids. With less stress, your skin will automatically feel better again. But that’s not all that dark chocolate can do: it also protects our skin against UV rays. Although you should not blow the whistle on any other sunscreen, but a support from the inside can not hurt!

Our Tip: To successfully fight the premature ageing of your skin, you should use the effective NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Day Cream from Doris Wagner Cosmetics. Wrinkles and sagging skin no longer stand a chance! Additionally, it protects the skin, and is much more reliable than dark chocolate, from harmful UV radiation and even supports the vitamin D formation.

Cocoa: Beautiful Skin without Wrinkles

Pure cocoa powder supports the collagen formation of our skin, which in turn means fewer wrinkles. Skin ageing is therefore delayed by using cocoa and cocoa products, such as dark chocolate. Cocoa butter is also a substance used in cosmetics: it melts at skin temperature, provides our skin with moisture and also cocoa butter slows the skin aging.

Our Tip: If you do not always want to cream yourself with cocoa butter at work, we have a much more pleasant option for you: Our NAVI Pore Refining Hydro-Emulsion minimizes pores, moisturizes the skin and can be easily used anywhere thanks to its practical packaging.

Apart from that, dark chocolate also contains smaller amounts of caffeine, which not only wakes you up, but also gets your digestion going.

Our Tip: Caffeine is also a great remedy for your skin: In our NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream, caffeine ensures that all active ingredients can be better impeded and also promotes blood circulation.

So that means, if you go to work tomorrow, then put a little piece of dark chocolate in front of you - and let that become a ritual. Not only does it taste good, it also helps keep your body healthy and your skin radiant and looking younger!

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