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Thermal Water - Wellness for your Skin?

by Verena Prantl |  | 1 comment

When it's really cold and uncomfortable outside, nothing beats a relaxing day in hot water. Thermal Spa Vacation tends to be booming just in the cold season. From mineral baths over brine pools to sulfur baths, everything is offered there. There is always talk of a healing effect. Everything just invented? We we did the research for you and found out how healthy such a stay in the spa really is!

Thermal Springs - Calcium and Magnesium as pools?

A so-called "thermal bath" basically means nothing more than a pool filled with warm water. For a bath at home would be completely sufficient. However, what distinguishes the water in spas from our normal water at home in the bathtub are the ingredients. Thermal water may only be designated as the spring water that emerges from the soil at a certain temperature, usually above 20 ° C.

Often, minerals are added to the water to achieve certain positive effects on the body and skin. So magnesium baths against psoriasis and eczema and calcium baths promote the circulation of the outer skin layer - a true fountain of youth for both the body and the mind.

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Saltwater Pool - Effect on our Skin

Many people love the holiday at the sea - the salt water does wonders to our skin. Why is saltwater good for our skin? It cleanses, disinfects and even stimulates wound healing.

Additionally, bacteria that may be on our skin is killed by the salt water. It is already clear that you also like to use such an effect in spas: you can relax in thermal baths under the name of the Solebecken - and you do not even have to drive to the sea. But beware: salt water strained, despite its beneficial effects, our skin. After a stay in salt water you should definitely provide the skin with proper care and moisture.

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Above all, sulfur is known for one thing: it stinks of rotten eggs. However, why we voluntarily put ourselves in sulphurous, warm water, is due to its many positive effects. Sulfur has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect - both internally and externally. Especially when you are plagued by joint pain or muscle tension, a sulfur bath can already be effective.
In addition to that, warm sulphurous water boosts the blood circulation in the skin and improves the absorption of oxygen - aspects that are crucial for healthy and beautiful skin. However, one should be careful not to relax too long in a sulfur pool: the optimal residence time is between 10 and 20 minutes.
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Comments (1)

  • Julia on August 14, 2019

    Ich liebe das Baden in einer Therme. Da fühlt man sich im Anschluss immer so frisch und gepflegt. Ich höre aber immer, dass man sich nicht länger als 2 Stunden in der Therme aufhalten sollte, da das für den Körper dann zu anstrengend wird.

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