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Happy and Beautiful: Why You Should Laugh More Often

by Verena Prantl |

Laughter is the key to happiness. Often you do not have much to laugh about when surrounded by bad-tempered colleagues in the office and the stress at home. But especially in such situations you should laugh a little! Because laughing not only lifts your spirits, but can support the body in many ways - including keeping our skin young. We think you should be laughing more often: With the following tips, we would like to convince you to laugh more often, louder and for longer.

  • More Happiness Hormones and less Stress

    It's true: laughter not only sounds happy, it really makes us happy! While laughing, more serotonin is released, it is better known as the happiness hormone. This automatically reduces our sense of stress - which indirectly projects on our skin. Stress and beautiful skin are not compatible at all! You can just start laughing the next time, when the bus or the metro drives away in front of you after you miss it! 

    • Less Pain by Laughing

    Have you ever tried to laugh instead of cursing when you hit your head or leg? Probably not. When it comes to laughter, short-term changes in the hormone balance, which means that we no longer perceive pain to be so intense. So the motto is now: laugh instead of cursing!

    • Beautiful Skin through Laughter

    Laughter brings more oxygen into our body, which in turn stimulates the metabolism. A good metabolism is not only healthy, but also ensures beautiful skin. An improved metabolism can be achieved not only by laughing, but above all by means of a healthy, balanced diet.

    In order to keep your skin beautiful and young for a long time, we also recommend our light NAVI Anti-Pollution Hydro-Day Cream, which protects you from the pollution of the day - especially those that you can not just laugh off.

    • Less Negative Thoughts

    Already in a previous post, we told you what negative thoughts does to your skin. These negative thoughts disappear automatically when laughing. If you are lost in an endless loop of negative thoughts, it is advisable to break them with a loud laugh. This form of "therapy" is used even in people who suffer from mental illness. 

    • Laughter Relaxes

    Laughter not only distracts from negative thoughts, but also lets unwanted tension fall off the body. Laughter suppresses the release of the stress hormone epinephrine and our muscles relaxes automatically - we feel relaxed. And during a long working day, a little relaxation in between can only be good.

    • Have A Laugh!

    Laughter has a very natural anti-ageing effect on our skin, because when you laugh, the skin is supplied with more oxygen and thus it is kept young. If you do not want to rely solely on laughter alone - or if you want to get rid of the wrinkles around your eyes - then you are well equipped with our NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream.

    So what are you waiting for? Start your day with the products from Doris Wagner Cosmetics and a big smile on your face.

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