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Lent: 5 Good things to Abstain From

by Verena Prantl |

Children - and some adults - are already counting the days for Easter. But we still have a few weeks to go before Lent. Some abstain from sweets, some from chips, some from coffee. We have probably all waived this once during Lent. But how about a different approach to Lent? Because let's be honest: during work when we need our dose of some emergency chocolate to but we decide to renounce it, is neither smart nor good for the nerves!

Today, we'll tell you about 5 things that are really worth doing, not just during Lent.

  1. Fasting On Stress -

Stress has become our constant companion. We often feel rushed before we even get to work, because we may have to take the children to school or have other private errands to be resolved before starting work. That's why we say: During Lent, we take a break from stress.

Saying "no" to the stress sounds easier than it really is. It would be extremely important for our health and also for our skin to live stress-free and carefree. A few tips we have summarized for you in a separate post - now  during Lent, its like the perfect moment has come to begin the fasting on stress!

  1. Fasting with Negative thoughts -

Negative thoughts sneaks into our heads secretly - every day! They have become a habit so that they do not attract our attention any more. It would be much better if we actively tried to let positive thoughts take precedence. So why not fast on negative thoughts during Lent? It is best not to stop it.

  1. Fewer Electronic Devices -

More human contact is required for that. We are always surrounded by computers, smartphones, smartwatches or even smart TVs. In the morning, our first look automatically falls on the phone and this repeats throughout the day, countless times. Although you cannot stay out of its way in the office, technology - in your spare time you can control it - by not switching on the TV or simply turn off the phone. How about meeting friends and family at a cozy cafe or at home and replenishing your emotional memory? With a mask that's easy to make with your NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream, it's a great way to relax!

  1. Fasting While Sitting on the Couch -

Can you still remember how as a child, you played outside late into the night? Whether it was catching, hiding or chalk-hopping: one was always sad when one had to go home. Lent may be the perfect opportunity to rediscover the inner child and enjoy movement! This not only works well on your body, but also on your mind and skin. Doris Wagner Cosmetics NAVI products gives your skin the perfect foundation to look young and healthy.

  1. Car and Plastic Fasting -

Our last tip on what to do in Lent is a bit more ecological, and is perhaps a bit of a challenge. Consciously paying attention to plastic can be difficult - after all, everything you get to buy is often packed several times in plastic. And the car is now an integral part of our everyday life - leaving it more often and taking the bike or the bus instead can mean a true renunciation!

With these tips you can forgo negative things in your everyday life - and thus do something good for your body and your skin. We wish you a lot of fun while fasting!

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