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Vegan: Why it is a Trend in the Cosmetic Industry

by Verena Prantl |

You can now find vegan food everywhere. The reason for this is clear: the trend towards less meat and the abandonment of animal products is becoming increasingly popular. But more and more often we encounter vegan certifications on beauty products and cosmetics. To find out about this "vegan" trend, and what "vegan" actually means and what it has to do with cosmetics, keep reading this post. In addition, you will learn how "vegan" the products of Doris Wagner Cosmetics are.

Vegan - What Exactly is it?

Veganism is a special form of vegetarianism. It is not just a special way in food consumption, but rather an attitude towards life. In times of growing awareness of our economics, the attitude of some people towards our environment and living beings also changes. Social responsibility, along with personal life planning, is becoming increasingly important.

For vegan people, that means eating no meat and no animal products. But that's not all: renouncing animal-based clothing such as leather or wool is part of a vegan lifestyle. Of course there are also different "strict" forms in veganism. But basically, this concept is based on giving animals their natural right to life.

Animal-free Cosmetics - Our NAVI Products are Vegan!

As the demand for vegan products grows, we have compiled a list of our products which are 100% vegan, produced by Doris Wagner Cosmetics. Anyway, we have not give up on animal based products completely, as it does come in one of our products.

From our Night Care Collection, all products are completely Vegan, including:

There is only one product in our daily care, the NAVI Pore-Refining Hydro Emulsion, which contains colostrum and is therefore - not vegan. By this one understands that, the so-called beast milk or the first milk, which represents a true miracle cure against wrinkles. But for our Pore-refining emulsion has never been and will never have anything to do with animal suffering.

The other products of our day care, however, are completely vegan once again:

At Doris Wagner Cosmetics there is something for everyone - almost all our products are vegan. The quality of our products is wonderful, not just because they are vegan, but also because of their high quality ingredients that perfectly nourish your skin with all the nutrients it needs all day and all night.

Our products are also perfect for anyone who has to fight with oily skin. You can convince yourself after trying the products!

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