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Men's cosmetics - Men also want to have Good Skin

by Verena Prantl |  | 2 comments

No matter which traditional drugstore you look in - the result is often the same: In the women's department, the selection and options are so huge that the decision is not easy. Even the most picky customer will find something they need. The men's department, however, is often poorly equipped, so you have to look for the products thoroughly.

Nowadays men have also started giving more and more importance about a well-groomed appearance - and also good skin! In view of the World Men's Day on 3 November we dedicate a full article in contribution to our men - and because one or the other woman knows that her husband likes to use her cosmetics that are inside the cupboard. Here you will learn everything worth knowing about men's skin.

Cosmetics for Men: What’s in Trend now?

For a long time, it was almost frowned upon, if a man has cared for his skin -  thank god, that is no longer the rule. Instead, products made especially for men's skin are experiencing a veritable boom. However, why men often care less about their skin is probably because they usually have a much firmer skin than women until 30 years. Therefore, they often have no visible reason to use any skincare products. But the idea of beauty does not stop at the men's world either. That's why it's becoming more and more common for men to use everyday skin care products - that’s not just an aftershave.

Men's skin is a man's thing - and is created differently than that of a woman..

The problems are similar for both men and women: acne, sensitive skin, large pores, open pores, etc.  But one should never forget that men's skin is fundamentally different from that of women. The main cause of the differences is the hormone testosterone. It determines the properties and structure of male skin - estrogen is responsible for this when it comes to a women’s skin. Basically, it could be said that men's skin tends to be greasier and thicker. The thickness of the skin ensures that men are less likely to get wrinkles than women, which gives them a firmer look.

What most men struggle with is a greasy skin. Men have more sebaceous glands and, of course, more and larger pores. You could even say that men's skin produces about twice as much sebum as female skin - which leads to shiny and greasy skin, but also to unwanted impurities.

Our Tip: Instead of going on an arduous search for the right product in the men's department, you can simply use the NAVI Pore-Refining Hydro-Emulsion from Doris Wagner Cosmetics - that visibly reduces large pores and provides the skin with the necessary moisture. It is also perfect for men who have sensitive skin.

"Only Borrowed" - That's Why Men Love Women's Cosmetics

However, some men are still embarrassed to have many different cosmetics. Apart from that, it is also incredibly expensive if you have to buy your own cream for every problem. Therefore, the best way to handle this is - products for the woman is available quite easily, after all, she has a wonderful skin - why shouldn’t these products work on men?

Beware: As previously mentioned, men's skin is different than women's and therefore needs care that suits them, because not every product is developed for both sexes.

If you do not want to spend so much money on many different products, then you should visit our website Doris Wagner Cosmetics - with our 5 products, the skin gets everything it needs - and you have more space in the bathroom again. Above all, our NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream is also suitable for men who have sensitive skin - it is rich in important nutrients for the skin, but does not grease it! 

Comments (2)

  • Matthias S. on November 19, 2018

    Denke ich mir immer wieder, dass es für meine Freundin riesige Abteilungen für Frauenkosmetik gibt, und für uns Männer gibt es einfach zu wenig Produkte. Nicht ohne Grund borgen wir uns dann teilweise die Creme der Freundin.

  • Jürgen on November 07, 2018

    Danke – ich verwende eh teilweise die Sachen meiner Freundin. :)

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