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Minimalism - A Way to a Healthier Self

Every day we carry around too much with us. It is time to throw off both material and spiritual baggage! We'll tell you how it's done. Minimalism Means Consciously Deciding - and Living! Although minimalism means getting rid of the excess, but not just throwing away everything that falls into one's hands. Nor is it comparable to spring cleaning which is done once a year, but rather an attitude towards life. The focus should shift from acquiring material things, which we sometimes even identify ourselves focusing on. When you have fewer things that call for attention, then it automatically the focus moves toward yourself, your own body, your own soul, your own health. You have to make a conscious decision about what is important enough to stay - and anything that does not meet this requirement should not have a place. Neither in the apartment nor in the head. Advantages of Minimalism: Just as the NAVI Ultra-Whitening Serum conjures dark circles and helps you to regain your self-confidence, minimalism helps you to feel better in everyday life: More Space, All Clear - if you have less, you will need to clean up less and have more space. Dusting becomes easier and quicker - giving you more time for more important things that enrich your life - such as your very own morning routine! As a result, you can also escape the daily stress - which is good not only for the soul but also for the body! Better Ability to Concentrate - More Structure More space in the room also means more space in the head. Concentration can be increased when there is little in the room that could attract attention. Inner Peace & Focus on Non-Material Things Those who have fewer material things can more easily focus on what is really important in life: important social relationships and their own mental balance and health. These feelings are just ballast - time to take them off! Not only material things take away our place, but also feelings and fears that we carry around with us every day. But why the whole thing? It is time not only to make things lesser in the house, but also to clean up the soul. You should shake off these feelings, because they do not bring you further: Envy - Comparisons Make You Unhappy Envy is a particularly negative and stressful companion. Not only the envy, which one feels, but also envy one receives, from some work colleagues or friends.        We all have our own strengths (and weaknesses) and should not be in constant competition with each other. No to Negativity! Self-confidence -You Can Do It! Thoughts form the reality - and if you always persuade yourself that you cannot do something, then you will not make it. Therefore from now on: do away with the self-doubt and have self-confidence! Self-criticism - Finally become your Best Friend! Often you have to put up with yourself most. But instead of getting excited about it, you should just consider things that do not suit you as an opportunity: as a chance to change yourself and as a challenge, to do it! A little healthy egoism should take the place of self-criticism. Excessive demands on yourself - Do not overdo yourself! Often you are under a lot of social pressure and you expect too much of yourself. Therefore, if you are clearing out, you should also say goodbye to the desire to be perfect. Mistakes are human and nobody is infallible. The earlier you internalize this, the more confident you will be in dealing with your own mistakes in the future. We carry too much ballast with us - every day! This shows not only on the emotional level, but also on our skin, because it is the mirror of our soul. In order to make the positive emotional changes visible on the face as well, you should try out the high-quality NAVI skin care products from Doris Wagner Cosmetics. Convince yourself of our products - Made in Germany!