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No Stress in the Family: More Harmony at Home

by Verena Prantl |

The everyday family life can often be quite stressful and something or other spoken in anger, which was not meant that way is something that is bound to happen. Harmony in the family is one of the most important things. But you have to work for that - and often swallow own own anger. With our tips we show you how you can come to more harmony and joy at home.

Show Recognition Visibly

Negative things are usually stronger than positive. So, as a parent, you often tend to blame misbehaviour more than praising comparatively positive things. It would be much better if it was the other way around! Because, let's be honest: even in adulthood, praise and recognition does us good - if we did something wrong, we realise it ourselves.

Of course, such recognition is even more important for children - but you should always be aware of it in your relationship and to carefully to value the positive things your partner does for you. That alone is often enough to make the whole climate within the family or partnership easier, more positive and more beautiful. And if the air is so charged that nothing else helps, then distance can be good too: it's best to take an hour or two for yourself to relax with NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream mask and to cool you down. With a little distance you can see many things clearly.

Wishes Instead of Expectations

Some children - unconsciously - are under tremendous pressure because their parents are overly demanding. This automatically reduces the basis of trust, because it gives children the feeling that they are unable to talk to their parents about problems or "failures". Realistic expectations of both the child and yourself is important in creating and maintaining a positive relationship.

A tip to lower expectations and not provoke a sense of overworking the child is to formulate expectations simply as desires. This does not put pressure on the child, which may also learn to see their own expectations as wishes that they can fulfill themselves.

Reduce Stress Consciously

Of course, in a family harmony - as in every other area of ​​our lives - stress plays a major role.

Stressful situations cannot be avoided with children, but you can reduce regular stress - for example in the morning, in the evening or on certain occasions - by doing one thing: planning well.

Stressful situations cannot be avoided with children, but you can reduce regular stress - for example in the morning, or in the evening or during certain occasions - by doing one thing: planning well.

Especially in the morning you should allot enough time for tending to the children. If you are not a morning person yourself, then you should allot ten extra minutes for yourself to wake up and prepare yourself and your skin for the day, preferably with your NAVI Anti-Pollution Hydro-Day Cream.

Nevertheless, one should not stick too much to their plans - because a good plan can only be implemented with sufficient amount of flexibility!

If you have a family, you do not have much time left for something else. But that is also something nice! When you spend a pleasant time with your loved ones, those are usually the moments you can remember twenty years down the lane. Provided you can concentrate on those moments completely.

That's why we at Doris Wagner Cosmetics have developed the NAVI series: So you do not have to worry about taking care of your skin! Because with our products you can be carefree and 100% present with your family and enjoy every moment of it.

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