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Jealousy: Helpful Tips for Dealing with Envious People

We are all - hopefully rather less than more - confronted with it and sometimes, we feel it ourselves: envy. In the Christian faith it is even considered as a mortal sin, so maybe Moses had to fight with the resentment of one or the other colleague, because God has chosen him and not someone else. But just because there seems to be envy in our world for a long time does not mean we just have to put up with it. Especially with jealous colleagues or with envy within the circle of friends, it is good if you have a few tips & tricks in stock to deal with misunderstandings properly. Understanding Envy is the First Step The first step in understanding envious people is to understand how envy emerges in the first place. Often, envy is due to low self-esteem resulting from constant comparison with others. The personal achievements of such people count for little, while others are idealized and overrated. Envy is therefore not a particularly malicious form to think, but rather an irrational feeling that some people cannot fight, or do not even want. The praise given to others is automatically interpreted as a critique of themselves - and thus created a vicious circle, from which it is difficult to break out, just as difficult to master as chronic stress. Fight Envy: the Right Way to Deal with Envy With this knowledge, you may have a little more understanding of the envious people around you, but even so, jealous behaviour can irritate or hurt you in some situations - even if you try to understand the envious person. Therefore, we have 5 tips for dealing with envious people for you: Sort out Jealous Friends As trivial as it sounds, but if you have the opportunity to distance yourself from jealous people - even if they are good friends - you should do the same. John Rohn, a well-known motivational speaker, claims, "You're the average of the five people you spend most of your time with." So if he is right, then we should choose these five people very carefully - and the best is to leave the envious/ jealous people out. In everyday working life, however, this usually looks different - what to do if you can not simply avoid envious work colleagues? The Right Perspective Envy is usually not positively indicated- unless you change its access to it. Because of the number of envious people - and Oscar Wilde has already recognized that - confirms our abilities. And this is exactly how one should look at envy: in recognition of his achievements; because only outstanding achievements are worth envying! Address Envious People Directly In every aspect communication is the alpha and omega. Why not in everyday work? Working with jealous colleagues can be helpful in addressing them directly. Of course, that will probably be deliberate, after all, the sound makes the music - and one should not stoop to the same level, even if it sometimes seems tempting. The best way to think about the wording of the evening before, while you can relax with a face mask from our NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream and arrange your thoughts. Take it with Humour! If things do not get any better in spite of talks, then only the last secret weapon remains: Take it with humour. You should pity jealous people rather than getting annoyed with them, you should take it with humour. With laughter, you can quickly eliminate negative vibrations - and also improve the appearance of the skin! So the next time you are met with envy at work or among friends, be happy because you have achieved something that is enviable!