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Meditation and its Effect: Balance between Work and Family

by Verena Prantl |

Every day we are confronted with a flood of impressions, emotions, information or stressful situations. In the long run, that can not be healthy, at some stage you get to a point where you can break down. But it does not have to go far as that, if you take 20-30 minutes daily to meditate, it will help you immensely. What meditation does to your mind, body and skin, is written in this post.

Goal of Meditation

"He now looked at people differently than before, less intelligent, less proud, warmer, more curious, more involved." - Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

Lord Buddha who was named Siddhartha when he was a young man, he gained wisdom through meditation - and other experiences. While we would not claim that the goal of meditation is actual wisdom, meditation is about finding a calm mind, becoming peaceful, and discarding dissonance. Presumably one could argue that meditation is a kind of search for happiness - that everyone can search for and find in themselves.

Effects of Meditation on Physical and Mental Health

Through continuous or double burdens, which especially affects young women, one is often stressed, rushed, one quickly loses patience or can not concentrate. Who would have thought that meditation can help with all these problems?

  • Reduced Stress Sensation

Through regular meditation, stress reactions are reduced - one is calmer.

  • Positive Thoughts

Meditation can be used to consciously regulate negative emotions and thoughts - to help us focus on the positive ones.
  • Activation of Self-Healing Powers

Meditation helps our body to heal itself - inflammation is inhibited and injuries heal faster.

  • Improved Concentration and Mental Fitness

Hundreds of information and impressions rush in every day that our brains can not absorb - through meditation our concentration and ability to learn is strengthened.

  • Slows Down the Ageing Process

Certain areas of the brain that are responsible for sensory perception and memory are subject to the ageing process - but this can be significantly slowed down by meditation. If you are worried about the ageing process of the skin as well, fear not! You are well equipped with our NAVI Anti-Pollution Hydro-Day Cream!

  • Good Sleep

Due to reduced stress levels, of course, the emotional stress decreases, which sometimes does not let us sleep well at night - a free head also improves the quality of our sleep.

Effects of Meditation on the Skin

Now, we know that meditation is good for our psyche and our body, how does meditation affect our complexion? Relaxing during a meditation prevents the formation of stress hormones, which means that not only the mind, but also the skin can relax. Stress is one of the most negative factors that affect our skin ageing.

Also, sufficient sleep is important - while sleeping, the skin has the ability to regenerate and recover. So if meditation results in a good, healthy sleep, then it also has an indirect effect on our skin.

Our Tip: Optimally, you will support your skin during regeneration when you use our NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream.

Learn Meditation?

Meditation, like so much else in life, is a matter of practice. It's best to start small - after all, you do not run a marathon as soon as you start jogging.

In mediation it is especially important is to focus on breathing and not to be disturbed during meditation. When inhaling you count to four, while breathing out to eight and again from the beginning. Just start with five minutes daily and slowly increase the duration. It's hard to start, but you should not give up that fast!

Due to reduced stress levels, of course, the emotional stress decreases, which sometimes does not let us sleep well at night - a free head also improves the quality of our sleep.

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