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Double Burden: Between Family and Work

by Verena Prantl |

A career does not coincide with family and children - therefore, this part is taken over by the man. At least, this was a norm for a long time: women stayed at home with the children and ran the household, while the man brought the money home. Meanwhile, a lot has changed in the work area. Women go to work and are financially independent - they should no longer only take care of household and children. How long can such a double burden be good? What can you do about it?

Balancing Act Between Career and Children

False role models, such as celebrities, who make it easy to reconcile children and careers, promote the prejudices faced by rushed and overwhelmed mothers. Nowadays everything has gone from fast to faster - both the pressure at work and the demands made on mothers are rising steadily.

Women often have to be managers for everything, but never lose patience. Such high demands on women also intensifies the strain - until one can no longer do so. It is especially important for young, working mothers to have time for themselves - even if it is only for 20 minutes. Why not just apply the NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream as a mask and relax a little? Everybody needs time to switch off and relax for sometime.

Increasing Pressure on Young Women

By now, thankfully, women have become independent and no longer need to ask for permission to work. Financial independence has become one of the most important goals for both men and women. This, in turn, also means that the idea of ​​children is being pushed farther and farther into the background - because children and work means a huge double burden - especially for young women.

Mothers who work full-time and keep everything in order at home, puts enormous pressure on young women today: on the one hand there is a desire for children, on the other hand, one does not want to give up financial independence or the dream of a career, the fact that women are still often given the role of the "housewife", who should take care of the household as well as the children, increases the feeling of social injustice - because men often receive much more recognition than women for small chores.

Mental Illnesses as a Result

Of course, a permanent double or multiple burdens also has its consequences. Headache, chronic fatigue, or sleep disorders as its result. Mental Illnesses is also becoming more common, such as moodiness, depression or even burnout. In today's society, a woman should not only go to work, raise children and have a clean and tidy apartment, but should also look perfect in the meantime. You should not look at her tiredness or excessive demands - at least that is often what she is taught.

Women do not have to worry about pimples or wrinkles besides their careers, household and children, Doris Wagner Cosmetics has the solution: With our NAVI Anti-Pollution Hydro-Day Cream you are protected against stressful days and UV rays - And with the regular use of our NAVI Ultra Whitening Serum, not even dark circles stand a chance.

What to do About Double Burdens?

Often excessive demands are not admitted. Failing to think about it often makes it incredibly difficult to ask for help, even though this would be the first and most important step towards much-needed relief. Only then can you specifically look for other forms of relief: The man should necessarily be involved in more work in the home and child care.

If both partners work, it is only fair, that they both equally care and participate in the household and when it comes to the children. Couples should speak together about the fact that there is no dedicated "women's work" more - and work in the house and with the children should necessarily be divided so that a multiple burdens for an individual does not even arise. Apart from that, there are also contact points that specialize in such problems and where people who face such issues can find help.

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