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Self-Motivation: Successfully Achieving Goals

by Verena Prantl |

Often it is difficult to find the motivation for the little things between private life and work. Some days you just want to get through the day and in the end you are completely exhausted and choose to retire to bed. What if we tell you that you can enjoy even such days with a few tricks which will help you feel much more motivated?

Self-motivation is the key to finding fun in work which isn’t your favourite and definitely not a part of your plan.

Wrong Focus is a Popular Mistake

One of the biggest and most consequential mistakes in motivation is that we focus on the wrong things. If we focus only on the reward rather than the bigger picture, then our motivation is fleeting. Money or special bonuses are not long-term motivators, but only lasts for a short time. Such situations are often referred to as "if-then-trap".

Once I am in a certain position, I am satisfied. Of course, this can be applied to any area of ​​life: once I'm done with this task, I'm happy. The way you see things and what you focus on is crucial to motivate yourself long term and sustainably.

Self-motivation: Recognizing the True Meaning

Motivation arises from the fact that we give a higher meaning to everything we do. If we recognize this sense, then we also manage to motivate ourselves for small, boring work, yes, even might start to like it - when we have the big picture in front of our eyes and know which is more important, we work towards the goal automatically.

5 Tips for Better Self-motivation:

  • Setting Clear Goals

Realistic and Clear Goals are important in motivating yourself.

  • Internal attitude

Positive thoughts influence our mood - and help us to motivate ourselves. Any task can be fun as long as you find the right attitude.

  • Morning Rituals for Self-motivation

Morning is a crucial phase to start the day well motivated. It is best to develop a personal morning ritual that becomes routine. With our NAVI Pure Refreshing Cleansing Gel, the day also starts refreshed and cleansed for the skin.

  • Seek Inspiration

If you aren’t able to get motivated, you can look elsewhere for inspiration. Maybe the stories of people who have achieved what you want to accomplish might help? Motivational sayings in places you see every day or a motivational bracelet that reminds you every day that you can do it are a great ideas for inspiration. 

  • To-Do Lists

To-do lists not only increase our motivation - after all, everyone feels a spark of satisfaction, if you can delete something from a list - but it also help us to fall asleep: Everything that was a task, is now on a piece of paper and you can fall asleep calmly without any further thought spirals.

While you fall asleep, you should treat your skin to a pleasant breather with our NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream. Ensuring your skin is also well rested from within and all ready to face the next day and the next task which lies ahead.

Self-fulfilling Prophecy - Faith Moves Mountains

It is no accident that this saying that - faith moves mountains.

Positive thoughts not only change one's own mood, but the belief in achieving something actually increases the likelihood of it actually happening. The reason for this is a psychological phenomenon, the "Self-fulfilling Prophecy": By a positive, but also by a negative attitude, one's own behavior can be influenced. This works because, when we expect something specific, we unconsciously help to make the expected happen.

With a positive attitude and reasonably high expectations, you can, even without being aware of it, help to achieve your goals. Be it something personal, familial or professional, one should ask oneself with all things: "What brings this work / situation positive with itself? " because everything has its meaning, we only have to look for it.

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