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Emotional Exhaustion - How to Find Your Way Out

by Verena Prantl |

Burned out? Overwhelmed? Unmotivated?

All of these are indicators of emotional exhaustion, which can be triggered in parts by the burden young women often face today. In the worst case burnout is the result, if you do not recognize the symptoms and do something in time.

The constant companion of stress which follows you, from work to home, is not the only cause of emotional exhaustion. We clarify what burnout actually is, how it presents itself, and what you can do to prevent emotional exhaustion - so that especially women with  can stand tall in life while keeping a clear head.

Burnout - What is it?

Burnout is primarily emotional, but also physical exhaustion, which arises due to tension, ongoing social encounters and prolonged stress. However, this does not mean the kind of exhaustion that you might feel after the Christmas holidays, if you are happy that the 20 family members have left after ten days, but it also primarily means the aspect of mental exhaustion. This form of exhaustion is a kind of existential crisis and should not be underestimated. Constant stress and social demands can arise, for example, double burden - when women are working full time, but at the same time have to take care of household, children and family activities. Burnout is a psychological syndrome that occurs primarily in people who work with humans - and have no time to replenish their social energy.

This is How Emotional Exhaustion Manifests Itself

At the same time, reduced emotional capacity, depressed mood and states of tension accompany emotional exhaustion. Lack of motivation and concentration as well as ongoing tiredness are also accompanying symptoms.

Cynicism, distancing and depersonalization are the consequences if these symptoms are not attended to and the person might get burnt out. The latter means nothing but that one changes so much emotionally that one does not even recognize one another at some point.

Emotional fatigue - or exhaustion in general - is of course also immediately reflected in our face, more precisely on our skin. Dark circles, pale complexion or stress pimples are the result and promote the dejection even more. Our NAVI Pore-Refining Hydro-Emulsion and our Vitamin C-containing NAVI Ultra-Whitening Serum can help with such skin issues.

Emotional Fatigue: What to Do?

At the first signs of emotional exhaustion you should already announce your fight. To make the first step successful, it is important to first and foremost recognize that you are overburdened and stressed. Under no circumstances should one be ashamed of asking for help - on the contrary, it is a testament to true greatness when one realizes that one simply cannot do things on one's own.

Sometimes friends or family do not realize that you are completely exhausted, so you should definitely talk to them about it and let them help you. Not only help from the outside, but also from within, activities can help to overcome the emotional exhaustion like: sports, yoga or meditation can help you in getting a clear head. Nevertheless, one should absolutely search for the root cause of the problem and try as much as possible to change everything in order to have a stress-free and more motivated life in their own hands.

With the high-quality NAVI products from Doris Wagner Cosmetics, we would like to support young women and mothers in mastering the stress of the double burden of work and private life - hence they should not experience stress or exhaustion on a busy day. A good skin will definitely not one of their woes - after continuous and regular use of our products.

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