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Probiotic Bacteria: Good for the Skin and Body!

At first, the name sounds a bit daunting, but the so-called lactobacilli have nothing in common with the bacteria that we owe our sickness to, which makes us stay in bed for a week or two. On the contrary - we could not get enough of these "bacteria". They not only provide a healthy body but can even make small wrinkles disappear and are radically against impurities! Today, we clarify what lactic acid bacteria really is and how exactly they affect our bodies, especially our skin. What are Lactobacilli - and where are they? Probiotics, as lactic acid bacteria are also known, is a name used in the pharmacy, when the intestine causes problem. Probiotics means something like "for life" - and hits the nail with it literally upside down. Lactic acid bacteria are living organisms found mainly in dairy products such as yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut (pickled cabbage) this no joke! Through these living organisms, the immune system is strengthened, and the intestinal flora once again properly brought to fruition. In addition, they help the body to reduce fat - so they are also suitable for weight loss support. Effect of Lactic Acid Bacteria on the Skin: Probiotics for Pimple Pimples are often due to increased production of the talc - it causes redness and inflammation. Lactic acid bacteria counteract this, because they ensure that the pores are opened, and superfluous sebum can easily drain. In order to free the remaining bacteria and germs from the skin, you should definitely use our NAVI Pure Refreshing Cleansing Gel as a daily care. Less Wrinkles with Lactobacilli Our body can absorb lactobacilli particularly well - and it also get into our cells quickly. This is where the cells benefit from the moisturising effect of the bacteria. The cells are quasi "animated", it has a particularly positive effect on already damaged cells, helps it repairs itself. A yogurt a day, helps keep the skin so youthful and helps small wrinkles disappear!  Moisture with Lactic Acid Bacteria Lactobacilli has the ability to bind and store water. This means it protects our skin from dehydration and keeps it hydrated. Our NAVI Pore-Refining Hydro-Emulsion is basically the same, but it also reduces the pores of the skin along the way. Reduces Skin Irritation Not only does it help with dry skin, but also helps fight against inflammation and skin irritation, our lactic acid bacteria is radical. The organisms have an anti-inflammatory effect and form a kind of protective coat for the skin - something like our NAVI Anti-Pollution Hydro-Day Cream, which also lays on the skin like a protective layer and these airborne UV rays and dirt particles. In combination with the lactic acid bacteria it is an unbeatable team! A Healthy Gut: The Basis for Beautiful Skin The intestines can do much more than just digest food, is now an open secret. Its positive effect on skin and hair has been proven. Through messenger substances, hormones and vitamins, it affects the condition of our skin. Curious? Beautiful skin through healthy guts is already written about in the Doris Wagner Cosmetics Blog - is it really worthwhile to take a look, maybe with a healthy yoghurt in your hand? Or a portion of sauerkraut?