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C – like Colostrum

by Verena Prantl |

Do you mean a gigantic monster? Or the Colossus of Rhodes? We can assure you, that Colostrum means something entirely different. This term refers to the first or pre of the breast milk. This is the first milk produced by a mammal's female breast for it’s baby. That's not the only reason Colostrum is so incredibly healthy. Now days, it is no longer only babies alone who enjoy the first milk, but also the cosmetics that the scientists have discovered for such purposes.

What makes Colostrum so valuable for the Skin?

Since the first milk is basically intended for infants, of course, it contains only the best ingredients that the body has to offer. The ingredients of the pre-milk are not only highly concentrated, but above all one: perfectly balanced and coordinated. This ensures that the immune system is stabilized and defenses can be strengthened.

The following substances are the reason for this special protection against germs, viruses and bacteria and it also has very positive effects on our skin:

    • Vitamins - Protection for the Eyes and the Skin

      Colostrum contains different vitamins: The vitamin B complex, for example, reduces stress and supports the recovery period after illness. Vitamin A provides protection for both the eyes and the skin, vitamin B3 promotes fat loss. In addition, Colostrum contains vitamin B6, which detoxifies and supports the liver in its function as a detoxifying organ, and vitamin C, which boosts the body's defenses and even stabilizes the psychological aspects - to name a few vitamins.

      • Minerals & Trace Elements - Supports Metabolism and Detoxification

      Not only vitamin B6 has a detoxifying effect, but also selenium, which is contained in the pre-milk. Other minerals and trace elements are zinc, with its antioxidant effect is also particularly good for the skin, and iron, which is mainly responsible for the oxygen transport of the cells.

      • Immunoglobulins & Antibodies - Good for Defense

      It not only ensure that we stay healthy, but they also has an anti-inflammatory effect - which of course, benefits our skin.

      • Amino Acids - Protein for Wound Healing and Sugar Metabolism

      By amino acids we mean certain components of protein. There are different types of amino acids, which in turn have different properties. In Colostrum, among others, the amino acid - alanine, which strengthens the immune system; leucine - which is mainly responsible for the wound healing of skin, muscles and bones, and containing serine. The latter forms predominantly important antibodies. Basically, amino acids are important for a functioning metabolism and for  functioning cell renewal. These are natural benefits - for our skin.

      • Natural Growth Factors - Good for the Immune System and Cell Metabolism

      A baby naturally has an increased need for growth factors, but our skin can benefit from this as well, because a better cell metabolism leads to a remarkable improvement in the overall appearance of the skin, and wounds, burns or abrasions heal much faster.

      Our NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream also helps against unsightly scars and skin ageing.

      Effects on the Skin

      Colostrum is a true miracle weapon, especially when it comes to the health of our skin. It relieves skin irritations, redness and helps against wrinkles. The growth factors are responsible for this, because they promote collagen production, which in turn reduces wrinkles. Breast Milk nourishes and protects dry, older skin and keeps it supple. It also activates the immune cells of our body and can neutralize free radicals in the body.

      Colostral milk is used in our NAVI Pore Refining Hydro Emulsion to help the skin become smoother and supple. If you're struggling with large pores partly due to genetic predispositions, but also due to larger temperature differences, our NAVI Pore Refining Hydro Emulsion is the perfect solution. It reduces the number and size of pores while moisturizing the skin at the same time. Simply the perfect companion throughout the day!

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