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G - like Ginger

by Verena Prantl |  | 1 comment

From the way it looks, it does not seem to be anything special - misshapen and with the thick, coarse skin it looks anything but appealing. This is the talk about a very specific tuber, which has much more to offer than you might suspect at first glance: ginger.

This plant is not only a popular spice in the kitchen, but is also often used as a medicine. Ginger is really healthy, but did you know that ginger has a positive impact on our skin? No? Using ginger properly to improve our appearance, is something we have at Doris Wagner Cosmetics have found out for you, so you survive the cold winter months with radiant skin!

Ginger for the Skin

Sometimes the skin, apparently without any reason, decides to wipe us off and begins to sprout wild pimples or make impurities an eye-catcher in our face. Often when such things happen spontaneously overnight - do not panic, we have the solution: ginger.

  • Improved of skin texture and complexion

Ginger tea not only reduces colds, but also helps our skin benefits from the delicious drink. Ginger ensures a good circulation and minimizes inflammation. Through regular consumption, the effect of ginger also extends to our complexion: we radiate in the truest sense from within.

Our Tip: If you want to do something good for your skin during the day and keep it well hydrated, then try our NAVI Pore-Refining Hydro-Emulsion, which also minimizes your pores!

  • Good for Acne

The antiseptic and antioxidant properties of ginger is a wonderful remedy for bacteria on the skin that cause pimples. If you have problems with acne, you can counteract it completely naturally with ginger.

  • Ginger before Facial Cleansing

In order to clean your face thoroughly and to get of the dirt, a small preparation of the skin is essential. Ginger expands the pores, along with warm water, so that the subsequent care can penetrate deeper and the care is automatically more effective.

Our Tip: For daily facial cleansing we recommend our gentle yet effective NAVI Pure Refreshing Cleansing Gel - it will not let your skin dry out or stretch.

  • Less Skin Ageing

Ginger has long been used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine as a unique anti-ageing agent. The antioxidants contained in ginger not only reduce blemishes, but also support collagen production. In addition, they visibly reduce scars - if you rub affected areas regularly with a piece of fresh ginger.

Our Tip: If you too are struggling with premature ageing, then we recommend our NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream. Its effect is not so unlike that of the ginger, because it also helps to make scars less visible!

Tips for the Body

If ginger is good for the skin, it is of course good for other various ailments of our body. Ginger is good for cold, is something we probably all know from our grandmother. But a ginger bath can also help effectively against muscle aches! If you have over stressed with any physical activity the day before, a ginger bath can work wonders!

In addition, ginger also ensures stronger hair growth - simply squeeze out a piece of ginger, mix the juice with coconut oil and let soak in dry hair for about half an hour.

Ginger water - or ginger tea - helps our body to lose weight and has a calming effect on our stomach. Speaking of - do you suffer from heartburn? Ginger reduces excess acid in our stomach, thereby reducing heartburn.

Ginger is therefore an all-rounder in terms of health - our hot tip, right now in the cold winter months! In support of this, we recommend the innovative NAVI range from Doris Wagner Cosmetics, so that nothing stands in the way of a healthy and beautiful skin!

Comments (1)

  • Elena on January 21, 2019

    Ich trinke Ingwer-Tee immer gerne bei einer Erkältung. Da ich aber ab und zu Probleme mit meiner Haut habe, werde ich demnächst vielleicht einmal eine Art Kur versuchen und abends regelmäßig Tee mit Ingwer trinken. Wusste ich bisher nicht, dass das auch gegen Pickel helfen soll. :)

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