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H - like Hydractin

by Verena Prantl |  | 1 comment

On 17.11. Let's celebrate the "Take A Hike Day" - hiking may be a bit difficult for people who live in the city. It would be important to get out of the stressful workday and to go for a walk with the whole family in nature. For many, however, such an excursion into the forest is much too time-consuming, one has too little time or the weather is bad - so you spend the day at home in your own garden. For those who do not manage to go to the nearest forest from time to time and simply enjoy nature, there is Hydractin ®. You do not know that yet? Well then, in this post we explain the wonderful properties of Hydractin ®.

What is Hydractin ®?

You're probably wondering what Hydractin ® has to do with a forest walk. This question is quite justified - and has an easy to answer: Hydractin ® contains a combination of three forest plants: Icelandic moss, peat moss and spotted fern. These plants act as the true moisturizers of the forest, which proves to be an excellent extract in cosmetic products as an anti-ageing agent. They moisturize the skin and ensure that the moisture is  restored as well. This stimulates the natural moisture factor (NMF) of the skin and provides a visible rejuvenation. With Hydractin ® the positive aspects of the forest plants can be used for our skin - without having to go into the forest yourself.

Look 20 years Younger - with Hydractin ® !

At the present time, one tries to prevent premature skin ageing by all means. Especially in Hollywood the magic means "Botox". But we at Doris Wagner Cosmetics believe that there is a much healthier and easier way to look young. Above all, we rely on natural ingredients that not only visibly rejuvenate the skin, but above all make it healthier. Hydractin ® wraps around our skin like a protective coat and moisturises it. With its regular use, our skin rejuvenates within 4 weeks by about 20 years! Dry skin is one of the main reasons for premature skin ageing, but also for less elasticity and uniformity of the skin. However, a well-hydrated skin, such as those obtained with Hydractin®, is more elastic, more even, and less irritated. Especially the three components from the forest, which are united in Hydractin ®, works wonders!

Now you want to know in which products Hydractin ® is included, right? Since this ingredient has such a positive effect on our skin and its appearance, it is already included in three of our products. In our NAVI Pore-Refining Hydro-Emulsion, which is best packed in your bag to keep in hand during the day, and in the NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream - your skin will have a relaxing forest walk while you sleep! When you get up the next day, it's best to use the NAVI Anti-Pollution Hydro-Day Cream, as this product also contains Hydractin ® and protects your skin from negative airborne substances.

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  • Lydia on November 28, 2018

    Danke für die Info! :) Lese die Beiträge sehr gerne.

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