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U - like Urea

by Verena Prantl |  | 1 comment

Nature is endowed with many things that we especially like to use in cosmetics because it has a positive effect on our skin, hair or nails. Therefore, it is not surprising that urea, a substance with which many cosmetics advertise using, originally seemed completely natural. Many people suffer from dry skin that tenses and tucks - not just in winter, but throughout the year. Urea promises to help. What is actually in urea and how does it affect the skin, we have the answers for you. Keep reading to know..

What is Urea?

The word Urea may cause some unappetizing feelings. Urea is something which is also contained in urine, but it is not the"pee", as you might think. Urea in its pure form is neither toxic nor irritating to the mucous membranes - quite the contrary! Urea is hygienic and also very good for our skin.

In the past, urea was actually extracted from horse urine -meanwhile,the present day urea is purely synthetic, but the effect is still the same. Relying on synthetic urea has less to do with the fact that it is considered "unhygienic", but simply because an artificial manufacturing is much cheaper and less expensive.

The Effect of Urea

Urea is mainly used for dry skin - meanwhile a majority of people complain about having dry and sensitive skin, especially in the cold autumn and winter months, this condition of dry skin can get significantly worse. Through cold and wind, our skin is under stress and is constantly strained. However, this can be counteracted with urea: urea is a particularly high-quality moisture binder; that means it keeps our skin hydrated for longer. Urea is therefore an important building block for the formation of moisture in our skin, which ensures that the skin cells connect with each other, thus protecting the skin from excessive moisture loss. This makes Urea such a valuable substance for dry skin products.

Our Tip: Urea is included in our NAVI Hydro-Emulsion - it's the perfect companion for your skin, all day long. If you have the feeling that the skin is just getting drier, a little bit of our emulsion will help your skin and you feel like new!

Benefits of using Urea

This is precisely why Urea is so popular in the cosmetics industry because its effect is immediate. If you use a cream with urea, then an immediate improvement can be sure. Urea products only ensure that the natural balance is restored - which makes it ideal for long-term care!

Our Tip: If you are still looking for a high-quality urea facial, you should use our NAVI Anti-Pollution Hydro-Day Cream. It not only protects the skin from pollutants from the air, it also ensures that our skin is optimally moisturised. And the best: It is not only suitable for dry, but also for oily skin!

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  • Silvia on January 21, 2019

    Thank you Doris for this article! I have already wondered about Urea, as you can read it meanwhile quite often on products – but I have never managed to look it up! I am less irritated now ;-) … BR, silvia

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