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Stress Hormone Cortisol - How to Escape Chronic Stress

by Verena Prantl |

Our daily work and our private lives should optimally consist of a balance of between relaxation and tension. Nevertheless, there is often an imbalance. When the tension phase predominates - one is stressed. What the hormone cortisol has to do with it and how you can best escape this chronic stress can be found out in this post.

What is Cortisol Exactly?

Cortisol is not only the "bad stress hormone", but actually an important part of our body, but as with so much, applies here: The dose makes the poison. Cortisol ensures that energy is provided when needed by the body. However, together with adrenaline, cortisol still has important functions in the body that affects our performance or our reactions in stressful situations. Cortisol is usually only activated when it is actually needed. But what if not?

Recognize Chronic Stress

When the daily tension phases gets longer and the phases of relaxation gets shorter and shorter, the cortisol level tends to increase and chronic stress results.

Cortisol is an antagonist to insulin, a storage hormone, as well as melatonin, the sleep hormone. This means that if the cortisol level is increased over time, it can lead to sleep disorders, immune system malfunction or even heart disease. Sleep disorders in particular can cause a vicious circle, as reduced sleep quality often results in greater susceptibility to stress, which in turn increases cortisol levels and makes sleeping even worse. Therefore, one should definitely try to keep t heir cortisol budget as balanced as possible.

Break Down Cortisol - Stress-free Life with these Tips

Stress has become an ongoing side effect of working mothers and women, but also for men or fathers. To get rid of this annoying companion, we have some tips for you - they should support the body for optimal cortisol release.

  • Meditate Daily for a Short time

Consciously lowering the stress level pays off naturally. Balancing one's mind and body works best with meditation. You want to know more about how meditation affects your body and your skin? - we have found that out for you.

  • Walks and Sports

Whether moderate exercise, or a sport that is fun for you and motivates you - out in the fresh air, the cortisol mirror can be lowered in no time!

  • Relax Consciously

Active relaxation of the muscles and close contact with a massage help to lower the cortisol. However, if you can not always persuade the partner to have a massage, you can simply escape the stress with a cup of tea and a face mask with our NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream.

  • Less Caffeine

Coffee, energy drinks or cola boost cortisol production. In certain situations, that may be an advantage, but if you take too much of it, then it can quickly turn into the opposite and lead to chronic stress. Therefore, you should only enjoy caffeine in moderation.

  •    To Sleep Well

As with many other problems, the magic word is "good sleep". Not only does it support a balanced hormone, but also your skin during regeneration! But to make sure your sleep is as beneficial to your skin as it is to your mind and body, do not forget to periodically cleanse your skin of the day before going to sleep, preferably with our gentle NAVI Pure Refreshing Cleansing Gel.

If sometimes the stressful phases at work and at home outweigh, one should try to provide even enough relaxation phases. Because breaks are important - for an optimal cortisol budget and for your skin!

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