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Morning Routine: Start Your Day Relaxed

by Verena Prantl |

Got up on the wrong side again today? We all know the days that do not work when we get up, as we imagine. If you pour your coffee over your blouse in the morning, then one thing is certain: this day is over!

For many, the first hour after getting up decides whether a day will be good or bad. Especially then one should consider, if one does not have yet, to establish a morning routine - you will feel the difference, that's something we promise.

Why A Morning Routine is Important?

Sleep until the alarm clock rings for the third time, drink a sip of coffee hastily, get burned and rush to the office: that's stress for the skin, body and mind - and can be bypassed by a morning routine.

Regularity in the morning has even more, decisive advantages:

  • Start the Day as You Like

If you consciously get up, you have the opportunity to plan and spend your morning just as you would like to. A widespread recommendation is to meditate - and we can only support that: meditation does body and soul well and has positive effects on one's own stress resistance and indirectly also on the skin.

  • Relaxed Leaving the House

The additional time in the morning, you have enough time to get ready in peace for work and to leave the house relaxed . With less stress in the morning, you also forget less things - because you can calmly prepare yourself for anything without having to concentrate on five things at the same time.

  • Time is Precious

The older you get, the faster time goes by. If you are working and rushing from work to visit with the children in the zoo and still want to keep the house in order, then time passes quickly. If you give yourself an hour or two each morning in the morning, then you can plan your time more effectively and enjoy more.

  • More Productivity

More productive through a morning routine? Exactly!

Man is a creature of habit: When you incorporate productivity into your morning routine, productivity becomes automated, so to speak! So you better get up, brush your teeth, cleanse your face with the NAVI Pure Refreshing Cleansing Gel, meditate for a quarter of an hour and then do one or two things on your to-do list.

What does Success have to do with Morning Routine?

Almost all the people who are successful have one thing in common: a good morning routine. And that often starts well before sunrise. But other similarities can be found in the various morning routines:

  • Fixed Wake-up Time - even on weekends
  • A lot of water is consumed, meditated and read
  • Music and sport are also part of the morning routine of successful people
  • A healthy breakfast, such as oatmeal, as a kickstart to the day

4 Tips for the Individual Morning Routine

Of course, one can - and should - plan the morning the way that motivates oneself best. But there are a few things that every morning routine should include:

  1. Preparation in the Evening

Prepare for the coming day, make a to-do list, go to bed early.

  1. Buffer time in the Morning

So that the morning routine does not suffer from unforeseen things!

  1. Drink a lot of Water

Water boosts your metabolism and makes you happy - and that motivates you.

  1. Fixed Wake-up times

Do not miss the morning routine during the weekend. That may be hard for the first two or three weeks, but in the end you will not want to do without it.

The NAVI range from Doris Wagner Cosmetics is the perfect companion for a regular morning routine - just convince yourself!

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