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Sleep well: 10 Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

by Verena Prantl |

More and more people complain about sleep disorders - whether it's because you cannot breathe in deeply due to the stressful working life or the stress in your private life, it makes no difference.Too little sleep affects our mood, patience and resilience. Even our skin does not get enough sleep - dark circles and a dull skin tone greet you in the morning in the mirror. Therefore, you should absolutely pay attention to get enough restful sleep - with our 10 tips we talk about Doris Wagner Cosmetics and our fight against dark circles!

Why is Enough Sleep so Important?

During sleep, impressions of the day can be processed better. Therefore, sleep is not only an important time for our body to recover but also for our mind. Good sleep forms the basis for being productive and efficient during the day. However, it is quite natural that there are times when you are more efficient than others - even if you always sleep well. However, stress, anxiety and inner restlessness can disturb sleep, which in turn negatively affects the quality of life.

How Sleep Affects Our Skin:

While you sleep, the body - and also our skin cells regenerates! Old, used cells die and new, young ones come in. Those who sleep lightly or poorly tend to wrinkle earlier. Our skin is the mirror to the soul - and if the psyche does not feel well, then you can recognize it quite quickly by the way the skin looks. So, that's not as far-fetched as you might think.

Our Tips for A Good Sleep:

So that you all stay healthy and your skin remains wrinkle-free for a relatively long time, we now have 10 tips for good and restful sleep for you!

Avoid Heavy Food in the Evening:

Anyone who in the evening takes in indigestible dishes is in danger of not sleeping well. The food is uncomfortable in the stomach and keeps us awake. That's why you should prefer something light and digestible in the evening - this is not only good for the stomach, but also for sleep.

Proper Care Before Going to Sleep

After a long day there is nothing better than a hot bath to really relax. Also, the skin should be well-cleaned before bedtime with a washing lotion, such as the NAVI Pure Refreshing Cleansing Gel, to remove the traces of the day and to allow overnight skin regeneration.

Exercise & Sport is Important for Good Sleep

If you only spend all day in the office, then you are more likely to not be able to fall asleep properly at night, because the body is not yet tired enough - the mind, however, already is. This leads to an imbalance that can be easily compensated with a little sport throughout the day. Just take the stairs in the office or go jogging in between.

Don’t Drink Alcohol

Alcohol is poison for sleep. Alcohol makes you tired, but it does not give us good and deep sleep - so in the evening better keep away from alcohol and enjoy a cup of tea instead.

Try Yoga!

Yoga is medicine for body and soul – and it also helps to reduce inner restlessness.

Fall Asleep with the Right Scent

The environment makes the difference when sleeping. Be careful that it is not too loud or too bright in the room. Even good scents can be help: Fragrances have great influence on the mind and can help us to relax and fall asleep. The NAVI Revitalizing Hydro-Night Cream therefore has a subtle, sleep-promoting fragrance - to support your skin and mind during sleep.

Introduce a Personal Sleep Ritual

Just as a personal morning routine helps us to be more successful, so can a sleep ritual help you fall asleep faster and more relaxed. This makes you calmer and you are almost automatically in "sleep mode" once you get used to it.

No Electronics in Bed

And finally: keep your fingers away from the smartphone. Electronics wakes our minds awake - and worsens the quality of sleep. Just give it a try: One week the bed is mobile-free zone! You will notice how your sleep quality - as well as that of your partner - will improve!

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