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Beautiful Skin Through Healthy Guts

Hustling and stress often affect our stomach adversely. We know that if we eat too unhealthy products, digestive problems are inevitable. But for a long time nobody was really aware of the fact that our complexion does also suffer. Maybe this fact was also ignored, because otherwise we would have had to adbandon some truly delicious sins. In this article we reveal why the bowel is so important and how it relates to our skin and what you need to consider to build a healthy intestinal flora. 


Intestine: Why So Important?

Some book already tried to answer the question, why exactly the intestine plays such an important but underestimated role. One of the most important functions besides its digestive function is its defense function. About 80% of all immune cells necessary for defense are actually in the intestine. It is precisely this fact that makes it crucial to pay attention to what you eat - because not everything that the intestine is given, has a positive influence on the digestive and immune system. Not only does stress and smoking have a negative impact on our overall health, but it also weakens the gut - and therefore our natural defenses. But how does this influence our skin's appearance?

Healthy Guts, Healthy Skin: Beauty Consciousness Rising

The aforementioned defense cells ensure perfect absorption of minerals and vitamins from your diet. If this function is disturbed by, for example, an incorrect diet, this often becomes visible in the form of pimples, blackheads and impure skin. Another reason why the appearance of the skin may deteriorate is that the intestine also has a detoxifying function: if it can no longer be completely depleted, the detoxification valve becomes the skin. The substances that are excreted in the process can not only cause skin irritation but even skin diseases. A wrong diet is only one reason for such a malfunction of the intestine - antibiotics and cortisone intake can also destroy the important intestinal bacteria that keep our intestines healthy.

3 Tips for a Healthy Intestinal Flora

So called colon cleansing is therefore also a way of improving your skin. If you are already using the NAVI-products of Doris Wagner Cosmetics , you can improve the outcomes for your skin by doing something good for your guts.

And how do you ensure a perfect intestinal flora? With the following 3 tips you can help your intestines get kickstarted and thereby at the same time improve your well-being, as well as your skin's appearance: 

  • Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables: you should only consider products for your shopping list that have very few or no ingredients. Therefore fruits and vegetables are the best choice.

  • Fiber: are wonderful to promote digestion and to heal the intestines. They swell up in the intestines and prevent blockages and ensure that toxic substances do not stay in the body for too long. But beware - with lots of fiber intake, it is necessary to drink a lot.
  • Drink plenty: Not only is it good for getting fiber through the intestines, but also for getting dissolved toxins out of the body faster. You should drink at least two liters of water a day. It not only has a good effect on the intestines, but also directly on the skin: soft, smooth skin, with a lower tendency to develop cellulite. 

So what are you waiting for? Take care of  yourself and your gut, then the positive results will be written in your face!

NAVI is a product range of Doris Wagner Cosmetics, which promises skin care with an improvement of skin's appearance. Combined with healthy guts it's the perfect way to beautiful skin. Our products range from scented Day Cream to Pore-Refining Hydro-Emulsion, and a nourishing Night-Cream. If your diet can not fully combar dark spots, our one-of-a-kind Ultra-Whitening Serum sure can. And smooth cleansing of face and neck is best with mild Pure Refreshing Cleansing Gel

With a healthy intestinal flora and our unique products nothing keeps you from a more beautiful and more even complexion anymore!


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