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Sun Screen : Protection for Every Day

Summer would be nothing without sunshine - yes, sitting in a chair, enjoying the warmth and taking a break from everyday life. But sunr ays should be enjoyed with caution! The UV radiation contained in sunlight has severe, negative effects on the body, especially on the skin. Why is sunscreen incredibly important, even after the summer months? What shall I look for if I suffer from blemished skin?  And how to cream yourself properly. We clarify everything today! 

UV radiation: That's why sun protection is so important

Of course, sunlight does not only have negative sides, not at all.The so-called UV-B radiation promotes the vitamin D formation in the skin, which is a fundamental element for the health of the skin and thus protects against various diseases of the skin, as well as it stimulates the mood. But the excessive tanning and sunbathing, which has become a trend in the meantime, has innumerable negative consequences. In particular,  compared to earlier UV protection is becoming increasingly important, because the protective ozone layer surrounding the earth is shrinking continuously. As a result, much more harmful radiation hits the earth and thus attacks us and our skin. Diseases that can be caused by too much radiation include pigmentation disorders, corneal inflammation of the eyes or even skin cancer. Apart from that, the UV radiation also leads to extreme skin aging. Therefore, cream more often than risking sunburn. 

Sun protection: also in winter a must!

By mid-September, the heat is in some parts of the country almost forgotten. But you can still enjoy the warm sunshine in the afternoon in the park or in the morning while jogging. Soon the temperatures will drop even further and the sunscreen will be stored well for next year. Stop! Exactly this error you should not do: especially in winter, the skin is additionally dried out by cold and heating air and stressed and needs therefore above all a reliable protection against the dangerous UV radiation. Above all, snow reflects the sunlight very strongly - and makes the radiation even more intense. And just because the thermometer does not read more than 20 ° does not mean there is less UV radiation in circulation. No matter how well we pack our bodies in winter, the face is exposed to both the light and the cold. That's why you should definitely include a cream with a sun protection factor of 30+ in the daily care - regardless of the season.

Tips for blemished skin: what to use

If you already tend to blemished skin anyway, then you may be deterred by the greasy sunscreens. The mechanical sun protection filter (SPF) therein clogs the pores and only aggravates the problem with acne. Therefore, you should not resort to the normal sunscreen in such a situation, but rather use light fluids or gels. In addition, one should keep an eye on the fact that the sunscreen contains no comedogenic substances - this is now often printed large on the product itself. That SPF is the only protection against solar radiation, is a common misconception, because in fact SPF is alread outdated. Better and more modern is the so-called Lipochroman, which neither clogs the pores, nore prevents the formation of vitamin-D, yet protects from the sun. In our NAVI Anti-Pollution Hydro-Day Cream Lipochroman is included, thus providing perfect protection from the daily sun exposure in everyday life.

Creaming properly: This should be considered

It is important not to forget any body parts and to use enough sunscreen. In particular, the places that are exposed to the sun directly and unprotected, you should pay special attention, such as ears, nose or the top of the feet. Also, be careful when you think a T-shirt protects you from UV radiation: You even get sunburn when you lie down in the blazing sun with a white T-shirt. So cream everything and make no compromises. 

For the daily sun protection and the optimal care for the skin, we have developed the NAVI series by Doris Wagner Cosmetics. With our products, the skin is optimally supplied with nutrients and promotes a natural, even complexion. The NAVI Night Care products include the rich NAVI-hydro-Nightcream and NAVI Ultra-Whitening Serum specially formulated for discomforting, dark areas. For daily use in the morning and in the evening, we have produced the especially gentle NAVI Pure Refreshing Cleansing Gel. During the day, use our light NAVI Anti-Pollution Hydro-Day Cream, as well as the Pore-Refining NAVI Hydro-Emulsion, which provides the skin with nutrients and moisture. With these products nothing stands in the way of healthy and vital skin without strong pigmentation. Just try it out and convince yourself - your skin will thank you.


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